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Giveaway Winner!

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your weekend so far? Hope you had loads of fun! 

Alright! Today is the day! I'm sure everyone is anxious to find out who the winner is! Below here is the list of people who participated! Gonna be randomizing the list!

*click for better view* it is! Ready? *drum roll*

*click for better view*
LAURA LEIA FROM WINTER BLOSSOMS! You are the winner for this giveaway!
To all the others who participated, thank you  so much for participating and do stay tuned for more  giveaways in the future! 

Preloved Treasure Hunt, Imperial International Hotel (Aisha Hall,10th Floor)

Be sure to join this fun event!
For those who loves shopping but don't wanna overspend.. Here's your chance now to shop! Do note that mostly PRELOVED  stuff are sold here. Don't worry, we have brand newstuff as well! 
Where is this all happening? Below are the directions and map to the event!

*click on image for better view*
Closet Raid and Candy Love Closet will be there!
Be sure to drop by to say hi!

Do hop on over to the event page!
This event was brought to you by Pretty.Wild.Diva!

Giveaway : Multipurpose Feather Necklace


Hello everyone! How was your week so far? Yes I know I've been missing alot. Hectic work schedule I'm having and also loads of planning for my upcoming event! Will blog more on that but first as promised, THE GIVEAWAY! (Yay!)

 Feathers  ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Two weeks ago, I was in Taipei and I was thinking  hard on what to get for the giveaway! Since my blog is turning 4years old this month, why not get something I love and share it with everyone which is a feather necklace!
I have an obsession with feathers and hey who doesnt! So instead I got a multipurpose feather necklace! U can use it in a few ways!
A necklace 
 A long necklace if you don't like it short!
This is my favourite.. you can even  us it as a BELT! Yes its long enough to be a belt!
*Image source from Google*

If you're a bohemian type of girl, you can tie it
around your head just like in the picture!

You can also tie it around your wrist as a bracelet!
Sorry couldnt find a photo for it but you can
click he…

Taipei, Taiwan 2011

Its October today and MAN HOW TIME REALLY FLIES! Been busy lately and was in Taiwan for a family trip! Woke up at 4am in the morning to catch a plane while the climbers were flying off to Kuching,Sarawak for a climbing competition!
 I seriously love Taiwan!  It has everything and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!!! Things are cheap to shop for, everywhere is accessible, food is just simply yum and not forgetting the service and hospitality there! Double thumbs up!
People there are so polite and patient!
Met up with my friend, Sharon in Taipei and it was really sweet of her to be my guide to show me around! Had so many yummy food and shopped at many different places!


Mummy and I =)
As we touched down..We went to Xi Men Ding to shop! As usual that would be the first place to shop whenever we come to Taiwan!
Its a place where they sell really REALLY cheap shoes!
Oh not forgetting to introduce the famous treat for those who are going to Taipei for the first time! You have …