Sunday, October 2, 2011

Taipei, Taiwan 2011

Its October today and MAN HOW TIME REALLY FLIES!
Been busy lately and was in Taiwan for a family trip!
Woke up at 4am in the morning to catch a plane while the climbers
were flying off to Kuching,Sarawak for a climbing competition!

 I seriously love Taiwan!
 It has everything and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!!!
Things are cheap to shop for, everywhere is accessible, food is just simply yum and not forgetting
the service and hospitality there! Double thumbs up!
People there are so polite and patient!

Met up with my friend, Sharon in Taipei and it was really sweet of her to be my guide to show me around!
Had so many yummy food and shopped at many different places!


Mummy and I =)

As we touched down..We went to Xi Men Ding to shop!
As usual that would be the first place to shop whenever we come to Taiwan!
Its a place where they sell really REALLY cheap shoes!

Oh not forgetting to introduce the famous treat for those who are going to Taipei for the first time!
You have to try this...
This is called 
"Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang"
(direct translation meaning big intestine wrapping small intestine)

Don't worry! These are not real intestines! They only look like em'
but they're actually rice sausage(white) and sausage(red).
This is a must eat in Taiwan! Its really yummy! xD

On with the pictures..
These are pancakes! xD

Then we went to Wu Fen Pu to shop!
This is also another place that you cannot miss!
Things are cheap here! 

This is what I bought from Wu Fen Pu and its only the 1st day!
Great bargain!!

The next day, Sharon and I met up and we went to Zhong Shan Bei Lu 
to visit some climbing shops! My eyes were sparkling when we arrived!
 There were so many climbing shops! A whole row of them!

Got myself alot of carabiners here!
Super cheap! 

Climbing shoes for sell!

While waiting for the train, I saw this cute sign!

Went to Taipei 101 to have a look!

Oh and just to inform those who are a big fan of Hello Kitty..
They have a Hello Kitty Cafe called "Sweets" in Taipei!

Another tip for food lovers,make sure to have their smelly tofu!
It may stink but its really good!

For more pictures, click here!
You can click here and here too for more pictures on my previous trip to Taipei!

That's all for today folks! 
Stay tuned as I will be having another giveaway as my blog is turning 4years old this month!

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  1. Taiwan is one of my travel destination next year...can't wait to fly and explore more about Taiwan :-)