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Sneakers and sunnies

Had a fun-filled day with Charlotte today at the climbing centre!
Had nothing to do so I decided to bring out my camera to take some pictures!
It was a really hot day today and we were both fried under the sun!
Lovely blue sky today until the dark clouds came out to play..
Yeah it drizzled for a bit but it didn't stop us at all! Took loads of funny pictures!  Below are some of our favourite shots for the day!  Not really perfect but hey we had heaps of fun! Enjoy!

Love this funny shot! "Must..step..on..flower!" 

Took loads of snapshots too!  Never really played with snapshots but it was fun seeing what we got! xD

 We found a stranded trolley at the skate park! 

Converse love! 
 And of course..Must have a little camwhore moment!

Chivas Regal 2011 at The Bed Club, Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu

A few days ago,
Charlotte and I attended the Chivas Regal 2011 event held in The Bed Club. The club was packed with people and also loads of Chivas everywhere!

To be honest the crowd was quite dead but we all had our own fun! We danced like nobody's business and had some drinks while we were at it! xD

For more photos, click here

Preloved Treasure Hunt at Imperial International Hotel, Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu

Last month,
Charlotte and I organized a small little preloved party in Imperial International Hotel! Really wanna thank Dino for sponsoring us the venue! We couldn't ask for a better place than this!

Meitzeu, Charlotte and I were super excited for this party and you have no idea how much stuff I had
that day that needs to be sold! Not only clothes but also loads of shoes!! All that last minute planning and sleepless nights were so worth it!

It was our first time organizing a preloved party
and so far we've got overwhelming responds from everybody which really made our day!

Taken the night before..


Our trio photo is a must every time we meet up!
No words could describe how happy we all felt at the end of the day!
Cant wait till the next preloved party again!

(Picture credits to Meitzeu)

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