Monday, November 28, 2011

Sneakers and sunnies

Had a fun-filled day with Charlotte today at the climbing centre!
Had nothing to do so I decided to bring out my camera to take some pictures!

It was a really hot day today and we were both fried under the sun!
Lovely blue sky today until the dark clouds came out to play..
Yeah it drizzled for a bit but it didn't stop us at all! Took loads of funny pictures! 
Below are some of our favourite shots for the day! 
Not really perfect but hey we had heaps of fun!

Love this funny shot!

Took loads of snapshots too! 
Never really played with snapshots but it was fun seeing what we got! xD

 We found a stranded trolley at the skate park! 

Converse love! 

 And of course..Must have a little camwhore moment!

Charlotte on her crackberry! 

For more pictures, click here

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