Tuesday, May 31, 2011

English Tea House and Restaurant, Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Hey ya'll! Looking for a nice place to 
have some tea but don't know where to go?
Well..I have found the perfect place!

 Just hop on down to
 English Tea House and Restaurant, Jesselton Point!
(Right next to Cock and Bull)

Love this place! I've been there 3 times this week 
to have tea and also for a nice relaxing day with my friends! 
The food spells Y U M! xD 

Was at E.T.House with Mei Tzeu and her sister, Mei Yee
having tea today and we ate so much that our tummy 
was begging us to stop! We drank a lot of tea and I think
I went to the loo twice before leaving.. =.=

Mei Tzeu from Sketches Of Life

This place is actually from Sandakan! 

Here's what we had :

Scone Set (Rm15.00)
2 Scones accompanied with Strawberry Jam and
Fresh cream, Mini Fruit Tarts,
Cucumber Sandwich and a pot of tea.

I just love their mini fruit tarts! I usually replace the
sandwiches with fruit tarts cause' I don't like cucumber sandwiches. 

Hot Baked Potatoes(Rm5.50)
2 baked potatoes served with salad.

I only manage to finish the salad and 1 potato.
I was so full even by looking at it!

Here's something else I tried a few days ago
from my last visit :

Club Sandwich
(Forgotten the price..=.=)
4 sandwiches with chicken,bacon,cheese,fresh tomatoes,
lettuce and cucumbers accompanied by fries.

This is a huge portion and my friend, Charlotte
had a hard time finishing it! xD

Garlic Bread(Rm5.00)
6 pieces of garlic bread

It was just okay for me for an appetizer.The fact that
the bread was a little soft.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie(Rm15.00)
Chicken and Mushroom pie accompanied by
mashed potatoes and some vegetables.

I ate the cauliflower before taking the photo.Was so hungry
and couldn't resist it! This dish is really filling! So if you're
 really hungry, this is perfect for you!

New Header

Hey hey hey people!
Its a lovely Tuesday and I've decided to change my header! 



What do you guys think? =D

Oh and also not forgetting to say
Kotobian Tadao Tagazo Do Kaamatan!
 Happy Harvest Festival
to everyone in Sabah and Sarawak!

Till then!


Monday, May 16, 2011

I fell in ♥ with Che'Nelle and Henry Golding!

As promised, a post on Che'nelle and also
a little bit of Henry Golding

Went to the photoshoot with Dino to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park early so I can take some 
behind the scene shots and also meet Che'nelle first before everyone else! 
Muahahaha! When we got there, I got to meet her 
bf/choreographer/bodyguard/"Gardener"/etc etc (Whatever things he said).
His name is G! Cool guy and funny too! xD

Well..All I can say is Che'nelle is a really nice girl! Very friendly and she really
 inspires me! She is an inspiration to all Sabahan girls! Eventhough she has been 
away from home for more than 15 years, she can still speak Malay!
 Truly a Sabahan!

Here's some pictures I took while Che'nelle was
getting her makeup done by Jeffie Jeff!

Che'nelle herself! So tanned!
(I need to get a tan soon @.@)

Together with her man, G!

After she's ready, we head out into the wildlife park
for the photo session! 

Love the elephants! 
Their names are Humi and Sumandak!
Cute baby elephants! 

Then the sensitive Orang utan , Mowgli.

Beautiful hornbill! Apparently Che'nelle
loves the hornbill's eyelashes!

The last animal for the photoshoot!

Love the Python! 

Funny how G was really scared of snakes but we made him
take a picture with the python since he's already here in
the zoo and guess what..he did!

Just look at them muscles..
Flexing them muscles of FEAR! xD

A family picture of her parents and G!

Group photo with the crew!

After the photoshoot, it was time for the meet and greet
session with her fans! Apparently Dori was there!

A group picture of her and the fans!

Had a short interview with Che'nelle just to answer some
questions that was in my head for a while :

1) What was life like before you became a singer?
"Wow..Life was really all about music for me. I was really ambitious back then.
 Its all about more music,acting (I've been taking acting classes) and yeah..and more music!"

2) Were you ever self conscious about anything?
"Well, dont we all girls go through that? Haha! All I can say is dont be and love yourself."

3) Well, you said that every girl goes through that I'm sure you have one thing you're self conscious about.
"Hmm..Well.. I can say I do am self conscious about my belly fats!"

4) So, what do you do for fun?
" Let's see, what do I do for fun..? Well, I love reading and watching movies (since I'm involved with acting scene right now). It depends where I am like when I'm back in Sabah, I LOVE TO GO TO THE ISLANDS and oh I love eating! I love to eat damn it!"

5) What kind of food do you like to eat?
"I of course love Malaysian food. I'm not saying that for the sake of saying that but I really mean it. I also love Thai food, Italian food cause' I love pasta, Japanese food and lots more."

6) Do you watch any cartoons?
"Yes! I love Nemo! Old school cartoons like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast..
Disney cartoons apparently. Disney is my world! Oh I also love really old cartoons like Thundercats, smurfs and a whole lot more."

7) Is there anyone whose career you look up to?
"Gwen Stefani! I just love how she manages everything in her life. She has everything she ever wanted in her life. I love her life!"

8) Well, I didn't want to ask you this since we all know the answer already but are you single at the moment?
"For today yes I am! Hahaha! Kidding! I'm not! =D"

9) Any special message you'd like to send out to girls who look up to you?
" Make sure you live your life to the fullest! Think positively about life and do what you like. Dont let anyone stop you from doing it!"


Got a little autographed CD from Che'nelle and
also a little message to Sabahan Bloggers!

Such a sweetheart!


After everything was over, we all went home to get ready
for the Face2Face Facebook Party 2011 at Icebar, 1Borneo! 
Thanks to Hayden for the awesome pictures!

Drawn by Sapphire St. Its so cute!!

Me and little sheep! ♥

Che'nelle was there to join us too!

G the man! xD

Me and Jojo Struys!

Oh and not forgetting ..

DJ Cassie from Hitz.fm


Henry Golding the man himself! 
Such a hottie! Not to mention his accent..*drools*
Really nice and shy guy! Glad that I got a chance to meet
him too! Heard so much bout him!

What a loooong post!
For more pictures, click here to see more!

Till then!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre

Hey ya'll!
May is here and boy have I got loads to cross
out from my to-do-list this month! 

Anyways.. some of you guys know that I love to go
indoor climbing and yeah I do! Been climbing for almost a year now and 
still loving it! Just to let you guys know that 
but yeah I love to climb! Love the adrenaline rush! 
Good way to challenge yourself if you want to conquer 
your fears of height! Trust me it works! xD

Well, last week I dated Meitzeu from Sketches Of Life out to indoor climbing and 
she loved it! For a first timer she's quite a fast learner! Had so much fun 
climbing with her and her sister! Good workout too! xD

Here I'm teaching Meitzeu how to tie a rope the 
right way before climbing! I was her belayer for the day!

Up, up, up she goes!

That's me climbing by the way! =)

*Picture credits to MeiTzeu*
This one too! Nice shot by Meitzeu!!

That's Meitzeu's card!

And this is mine!

For those who are interested to find
out more on this,check out their facebook here!
You can also check out their website here!

That's all for now!
Till then!