Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Good morning y'all!
I'm sure everyone is waiting anxiously to see who is the
 lucky winner right? Well, here it is!

The winner for this giveaway goes to...

*Click for better view*


To all the others who participated, thank you 
so much for participating and do stay tuned for more 
giveaways in the future! 

Till then!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

L'unico Wedding Gallery, Damai, Kota Kinabalu

Hey y'all!
Its a beautiful Sunday today!
Well, I'm here to introduce everyone my friend's 
wedding gallery, L'unico Wedding Gallery!

Gerry, a married man and also 
a very passionate photographer I've known for almost 3 years.
 He inspires many on how to be a good photographer!

L'unico Team photo 

Check out some of his amazing works!

This is one of my favourite shots!

L'unico also provides photography services for wedding,
 family, personal,professional make up service,
 videography and lots more!

Click here to view more photos!

They are also providing classes for those who needs
a little lesson on photography!

You can drop them an email at :
Contact them at : 088-319391

Click on  L'unico Wedding Gallery to find out more!
Till then!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Giveaway : Snake Ring


T.G.I.F everyone!
I'm back with another giveaway!

This time I'm giving away my favourite snake ring that 
I've never worn before. It has been in my jewellery box for ages! 
So I was thinking, "Why not give it away?"

So here's what you have to do :

 1) Be a FOLLOWER of Take Another Step
2) Leave a comment with your email address,
name,blog URL on this post
3) For EXTRA entries you can FOLLOW me on twitter and
TWEET about this giveaway

**Note that all spammers will be disqualified.**

This giveaway is open to ALL my international readers too!

The winner will be drawn on the 30th June 2011.
Good luck to everyone!
Till then!


Monday, June 20, 2011


*Picture credits to Deviant Art*

The weather has been really crazy lately.
Doesn't it make u feel like heading down to the beach and
just enjoy the waves? I know I do!

Till then!


Mizz Nina and Friends (Meet and Greet Session)

Hey hey hey!!
Its Monday! Got the Monday blues?
Well..I'm back with a short post
that has been pending for ages in my drafts. =.=

Earlier in June, Charlotte and I had been quite
busy getting involved with the photoshoot
for Breeze Magazine! After Atikah's photoshoot,we had to cover 
a press conference where we get to meet Mizz Nina, Sona One,
Pop Shuvit, DJ Mootz and lots more! It was so much fun!
They were all so friendly! Not forgetting funny too!

DJ Cassie from Hitz.Fm was there too being the host for the 
event. A whole group of fans were waiting on the other
side of the room waiting anxiously to meet these celebs!

Thanks Charlotte for helping me get my CD
autographed by Mizz Nina herself! xD

Okay! Pictures time!


Happy people! xD

Mizz Nina!

Mootz in da' house!

The fans!

Autographs by everyone! xD

DJ Buzz 

More piccies here!

Well..That's all for now!
Till then!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Atikah, Ford Model Search Winner from Malaysia

Happy Sunday ya'll!
How was everyone's weekend so far?
Mine has been quite productive and looking forward
to next week! Been busy with so many things
that I think I'm about to shut down due to lack of sleep.

Well anyways, a few weeks back..Charlotte and I have been
involved with the Breeze Magazine photoshoot. Had so much fun helping
out and was good to meet with the winner for the Ford Model Search!
Her name is Atikah and she is the winner who will 
represent Malaysia for the Ford Model Search in New York next month!

The photoshoot was taken place at the old post office if I'm not
mistaken that was burned down a few years back and 
now its a popular site for its graffiti arts! It has always been my favourite 
spot in Kota Kinabalu as I'm a big fan of graffiti arts!

Love her armor ring! xD

Here's Noor doing an interview with Atikah for 
next month's article.

Breeze crew

This is Atikah! She has a really fun personality!
And guess what..? She's only 18!! 

Nice art aye? 

For more pictures, click here!
Till then!