Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre (SICC), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

So,any adrenaline junkies out there who's interested in trying something new
for those planning to try out a new sport?

Try out rock climbing!

Skaters,skate-ettes, skateboarders or whatever you guys call it,
there is a skate park less than 30m away from the climbing centre! 
There is also a jogging track that goes around the whole climbing centre and skate park! 

Check out the map to the climbing centre :
 *click image for better view*

Below is the new operation hour schedule :
Open 7 days a week and you get to climb every single day!

Oh one last thing before I forget,
they also organize trips to climb outdoor as well!
At the moment, they're organizing a trip to climb in Berhala Island,Sandakan.

Beautiful place aye?

So whatcha waitin' for people?
Let's get climbing!

(Picture credits credited to SICC)

For more info,
you can check out their facebook and website!
You can contact Roy (0148511400) to enquire more!


  1. Awesome! Sandakan is beautiful! Someday I wanna try rock climbing too =D
    Cutebun blog
    Cutebun FB page

  2. Hi.. Ooi here. Dunno if u'd remember me; we met at the climbing gym(Ken's fren). I was googling SICC kota kinabalu and your blog came up 3rd on the list. Since I am here, tot I drop a greeting.. :-) Btw, interesting blog u have.
    See you around.