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Hike & Climb at Bukit Padang, Jalan Tun Fuad, Kota Kinabalu

Hey y'all!  Hope you guys had fun over the weekends! Man, its already September! How fast time flies!
A couple of weeks back,  a friend of mine name Vincente Moran, invited us up to Bukit Padang to climb.  It was a 20minute hike up to the boulders and boy I kid you not its TIRING! Calves were so sore the next day but it was so fun!
Here's a few pictures from our trip up in Bukit Padang!

Left to Right : Vincente , Thompson, Me, Tagap and Danny 

Left to right : Danny , Me and Vincente

 *Picture credits to Ron Sea*
These were taken one our 2nd trip up to Bukit Padang. It was really fun and well we finally found our very own boulder and climb on! They're all sand stones and quite sharp and flaky.
Yesterday a big group of us planned another trip up again. This time the boys are planning to survey and clean the boulders before bolting in the anchors.