Thursday, December 18, 2014

Product Review : Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara

Hey y'all!
I'm finally back with another product review! (Yay!!!)
What am I reviewing this week? Well, I'm gonna be reviewing about the 

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Maybelline mascaras because of its performance.
Its really waterproof and smudge proof as well. I love putting on mascara when I am going out for a run, climbing and days where I'm am lazy to put on makeup. 

I got this from Watsons for Rm38.90

What's so special about this mascara?
Well, I love the idea of having two separate brushes from my eyelashes especially when it comes to applying the bottom lashes. Its such a pain to keep cleaning off the smudges just because the brushes are too big for the lower lashes but just perfect for the top. 

Maybelline created a dual-ended mascara which features two seperate brushes specifically 
designed for the top and bottom lashes. 

This is the upper lashes brush.

I don't know if you could see it but the brush is twisted 360˚.
 It makes it so much easier to separate the lash.

This is the lower lashes brush.

 I am one of those who HAS to apply mascara to my lower lashes.
I know some people don't but I have to. It makes your eyes look more bigger and wider.
As you can see, the lower lash micro-brush has this full circle effect which makes it so much easier 
for the brush to grab the tiny lash  to apply the mascara on.

Here's my eye before applying anything on.
Top lash looks thin and short while bottom lash looks almost invisible.

(Lower lash still looks slightly invisible due to the bad) 

I have to say it does make my eyes slightly bigger compared to the before photo.
It makes it look fuller, thicker and slighter longer as well. 
I applied two coats and it does cause a minor clump but its bearable.

I love how it dries up fast but not too fast and I really can't stop saying 
how much I love the lower lash brush. It doesn't flake as well. 
Easy to remove using the Biore Daily Cleansing Wipes.

Just wish Maybelline would come up with a brown colour mascara for this one.
I just love using brown mascaras. Looks more natural and not too fierce looking.

***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for my face and skin.***

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sicily, Italy Trip 2014 - (Part II)

Hey hey hey!
I'm back with part II of my trip!
Sorry took so long to update my post. We're heading to wards to end of the year again and
as you all know that its usually the most busiest time of the year.

London was one of the places I visited but I also got a chance to visit Sicily, Italy!

Town of Sicilia, Italia

Was in Sicily to attend my cousin's wedding and I have to say I was so awed by
the new environment I was in. Really hot and dry but at least it made me felt slightly better
as it reminded me of home (hot and sunny). 


 Olive and Anchovies Pizza €15

 Spaghetti Carbonara €12

One thing that is a must do in Italy is you MUST have their Gelato!
ITS THE BEST for their hot weather~

 Coffee Gelato €2

A must do pose!

Attended an evening dinner with my cousins one day before the wedding.
Everything was beautifully set up and food was good!

 Grilled Lamb Stew

 Chocolate Truffle 

Crème brûlée

 Candy Pop

Did I mentioned breakfast was even awesome?
Another thing about Italy that I love the most is their croissants and bacons!
Cheese, pasta, pizza.. typical italian food that is.

Adopting to new languages and environment was definitely a challenge for me but got right into it pretty quick. Their language is like a mix of Italian and French and also a little bit of Spanish. Had quite a good time speaking with a new language for a few days. 

Besides that, Sicily is full of very beautiful monuments and artistic pieces!
The whole stretch of Sicily was just breathtaking. 
Art is inspiration. Art is creation. Art is everything here!

 Beautiful view of Mount. Etna Volcano

 Peach Juice €1.50

Hibiscus a size of a Samsung Galaxy Note 1

 Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza €12

Pink Crotchet Flats €6 and Black Lace Clutch €10


Attended the wedding ceremony which was held by the beach and a clear view of Italy 
main town right across the sea. A garden wedding was set up and dinner by the beach!

 The newlyweds

Coussie Group photo with the newlyweds!
Welcome to the Family, Ian!

Here's the best part of the trip, I finally got a chance to visit a real life active volcano!
Mount. Etna is where we're headed. I had the best time and experience ever!

 Peppercorns from the Peppercorn tree

 Clear blue sky with fluffy blue clouds everyday in Italy

Our trusty guide/ climber, Konrado

Everything and everywhere was covered with ashes and dried up molten rocks.
Dried long grasses everywhere. Weather up here was about 16°C.
The air was so cooling ,fresh and clean! 

Ash from Mt.Etna Volcano before it erupted. This is less than a month old. 
Its as light as foam!

 A very old functional well

House on Mount.Etna surrounded by nothing but long dried grass 
but with the most coolest breath of air and beautiful view of the cloudy blue sky! 
I bet it must look lovely at night with a sky full of stars.

 Taking a stroll in the forest

Pasta Lasagna €5

We also visited the craters that was at the bottom of Mount Etna.
5 craters scattered nearby one another. Weather was roughly about 10°C.
I WAS FREEZING and I didn't even last for 10 minutes.
(I know its not that cold but hey I love the heat! Its all about the heat in Malaysia)

 Selfie before hiding in the bus

Had so much free time in the evening so I went on a cable car ride with my cousins!
Wasn't really an enjoyable ride but view was amazing!

 Return ticket €3

Now here is something which made my jaw drop.
Crystal clear blue water, sunny weather AND they have no sand!
Yes! I said no sand. Only pebbles. 

 Literally the pebbles u see on the walls, floors, fish tanks.. Yes Pebbles!!

We decided to go on a boat ride which cost €80  for 4 pax and a boat.
The boat was fully carpeted and check out my tanned foot. 
Seriously NO SAND sticking on my feet! 

 Our captain for the day!

Another group photo!

We visited a lot of caves with water as deep as 20 metres.
Popular spots for divers from all around the world!

 This just makes me want to go rock climbing!

 Tiramisu €12

You will regret your whole life if you dont!
IT.. WAS.. SO.. GOOD!!

 Marble pebbles I collected from the beach before heading back to the hotel.

On the last night of our trip in Italy, we decided to take one last stroll down the street 
to check out the night life. Decided to get a portrait of myself as a memory from my awesome trip.

 Me and the artist


My mum decided to get her own portrait too! 
Her portrait was unbelieveable! TOO REALISTIC!!

What did I tell you?
This fella drew the most realistic portrait I have ever seen in my life!

(Photo credits to my cousins, Audrey and Wilson)

For more photos, click here!

I am preparing something nice to end the new year and I shall reveal it real soon!
Product reviews and giveaways coming soon!