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GlassesOnline Malaysia

A month ago,  I was asked to be a Style Advisor for GlassesOnline Malaysia and I was so honoured to be a part of this!  Its fun to create your own style and knowing people will like what you have come up with.  I came up with 2 looks which was for New Year and Chinese New Year.

What do you think? I created all these using Polyvore and I love how the website had so many options and designs to choose from. 
Check out GlassesOnline Malaysia for more cool and lovely stuff! Oh and they also sell contact lenses for those for loves wearing colour contacts. Be sure to check out their sales page as well! 

Giveaway : Winner

Hey y'all! So sorry for the delay as I was attending a First Aid Course yesterday. I passed and now I am officially a First Aider!
Anyways, I have picked the lucky winner! As you can see below, I used the list randomizer like I always do to select the winner.

*click for better view*
Here is our lucky winner... Drum roll please... *druuuuuuu*

*click for better view*
CONGRATULATIONS  Princess Neverland! You are the lucky winner for this month's giveaway!
To those who participated in this giveaway, I am having another giveaway in February so stay tuned for the surprise.
Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, why not have ANOTHER giveaway! Thank you all so much for taking part in this giveaway.
Just want to wish everyone GONG XI FA CAI!!

Giveaway : January Treats in a Box


Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome holiday over the weekends! Christmas has just passed and now Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Anyone done their shopping yet? I haven't. 

Anyways, I'm back with another giveaway as promised! This time I've collaborated with iBeauty Store and we came up with some interesting treats  for all you readers out there! Ready to see what's in the box?

*click for better view*
 Lip Smacker by Coca-Cola
Collector's item for Coca-Cola lovers and also lip balm lovers! As you can see, every lip balm has its own flavours.
 Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow
In case you're wondering what this is, this is an instant eyeshadow applicator. You can read all about it here and also tutorials are posted on how to use it.

On behalf of this giveaway,  iBeauty Store is giving away 2 discount cards for the winner of this giveaway! Hope everything in the box will help you look pretty for this coming Chinese New Year!