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VANS shoes

Every women owns at least one pair of high heels and are one of the footwear that women will always have in their shoe collection no matter where they are. However, sneakers are also as important as a pair of heels too.  Like men, women too can pull off a good fashion look with a pair of sneakers. They prefer sneakers which are much lighter and has a more feminine touch to complement their personality. 
Sneakers from VANS shoes collection is definitely one of the best brand in the market that most women consider wearing comfortably and at the same time looking super chic and fashionable! A must have footwear to add into your own wish list instantly. How can you resist those really cute designs and colour! Here are 3 looks that might give you an idea on how to style your VANS shoe for your OOTD look!
The first look is suitable for those who wants to have that comfortable pair of shoes to walk around the beach in. Go for a bright striking colour VANS sneakers and style it with a pair of sk…