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Adidas Energy Boost 2.0 (ESM)

As many of you know, I have always been the biggest fan of Adidas! Adidas has yet again designed and created another amazing creation.
 Introducing the Adidas Energy Boost 2.0 (ESM)!

Made light and flexible which makes running a lot more fun and easy!

Love how the shoe gets more ventilation to prevent stinky feet!
Breathable and cooling feet is the way to go!

The light textured foam which is the supporting cushion for the foot making it comfortable
and also it helps to correct the foot position while running. Looks like Marshmallows!

I've read about this little Adidas Logo and dots on the heel of the shoe which is actually a reflector!
Doesn't look reflective, but it actually is! When light shines on it, it actually shines back!

(Images source from Adidas)

Upper: Stretchable mesh, internal sleeve, plastic mid and rear-foot cage.
Midsole: Expanded TPU Infinergy foam made by BASF (Boost)
Outsole: Adiwear Carbon rubber.

The performance of the shoe is just incredible. Not only it giv…