Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adidas Energy Boost 2.0 (ESM)

As many of you know, I have always been the biggest fan of Adidas!
Adidas has yet again designed and created another amazing creation.

 Introducing the Adidas Energy Boost 2.0 (ESM)!

Made light and flexible which makes running a lot more fun and easy!

Love how the shoe gets more ventilation to prevent stinky feet!
Breathable and cooling feet is the way to go!

The light textured foam which is the supporting cushion for the foot making it comfortable
and also it helps to correct the foot position while running. Looks like Marshmallows!

I've read about this little Adidas Logo and dots on the heel of the shoe which is actually a reflector!
Doesn't look reflective, but it actually is! When light shines on it, it actually shines back!

(Images source from Adidas)

Upper: Stretchable mesh, internal sleeve, plastic mid and rear-foot cage.
Midsole: Expanded TPU Infinergy foam made by BASF (Boost)
Outsole: Adiwear Carbon rubber.

The performance of the shoe is just incredible.
Not only it gives you the comfort you need but also helps to correct one's posture.
Here's a simple diagram to explain the types of foot different people have!

(Image source from Google)

The problem with pronation is when it is excessive, 
here the term overpronation (or hyper-pronation) is used. 
This is quite a common problem and can lead to a number of injuries, especially in runners, including:

(Image source from Google)

Its very important to check with your physiotherapist on what sort of feet you have before you purchase a pair of running shoe. Your posture effects your running which also effects your physical activities daily. So go to your nearest hospital or Adidas store to get yourself checked for health purposes! 

Just tell the staff that you just need to check what sort of feet you have and that's all!
They will show you a picture of your feet posture and also explain to you on what it means.
Don't be shy to ask more! They are there to help!

  I love how the new Adidas Energy Boost 2.0 (ESM) really gives my feet all the support I could get.
This shoe is also awesome for recovery runs as well as long distance runs but not recommended for trail running. Oh and not forgetting how stylish it looks on me!


Just a little info for those who are planning to get this pair of shoes :
This shoe is designed for people with regular,high arched foot. 
Not recommended for low arch or flat footed runners. 

Would like to thank Adidas Malaysia (#AdidasMY) for this awesome birthday surprise
and also this opportunity to try out the new and improved Energy Boost 2.0 shoes (ESM)!

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(Photo credits to Roy and Vince)