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Product Review : Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick (Charmer) & Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick (01)

Hey hey hey!
Gong Hei Fatt Choi everyone! Hope y'all had a great long holiday!
Just got back from my Australia trip and I'm back with another product review!

Just to let you know that I'm not really a big fan of lipsticks but after having these two lipsticks,
I was completely sold!

My mum was in KL a month ago so I asked her to get me some lipsticks
and this was what she got me. The texture and the colour was just lovely!

This Outrageous Extreme Liquid Lipstick works as a lip stain.
Very creamy and has that matte finish but very sticky.
I would suggest to apply a base lipstick or balm before applying this on.
Its very long-lasting as well. It stays on pretty well even after you eat or drink and you don't have to keep re-applying it.

Lovely colours and also love how when I blend them both up, it makes my lips look more fuller! (Sorry no photos of me trying them on..Have really chapped lips at the moment.)
You can get these here!  Would love to hear from you guys on what…

ABF Family Day in Bintulu, Sarawak

2 weeks ago, I was in Bintulu, Sarawak for the ABF Family day.
Had to go there to build some climbing walls and finally I get my first job as a rigger to be a part of the Ropeskills Rigging team to help out. Had such an amazing time in Bintulu. Cheap food, peaceful place and very friendly people.

6 meter wall specially made for the speed climbing competition!

Trying out the wall to see how hard it was.

Here's the Ropeskills Rigging team in Black!

A little close-up selfie before I go!

Definitely would want to go back to Sarawak again and maybe this time to Sibu or Miri.
I know its nothing much to do there but would be nice to go some place new for a change.

(Photo credits to Roy and Annai)

Product Review : Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion (Eden)

I'm sure most of you have heard of Urban Decay or Naked.
Well, it is definitely on the top of my list after discovering the best eyeshadow primer for
my VERY oily eyelids.


(Images via Urban Decay)
Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion (Eden)

I always avoid putting on makeup because of how oily my skin is especially on my eyelids.
If you have an oily skin/combination skin, a primer/base is required. Not just any primer/base but an oil-free and oil controlling one. This is simply the best discovery I have ever made so far.

I heard from A LOT of my friends and cousins about this primer and I have been dying to get one.
I know I am quite late at discovering this but hey there are many brands out there too!
I got this from Sephora KLCC for RM73. Pretty reasonable price.

I love how it really keeps my eyelids oil-free and like seriously my eyeshadows
and eyeliner does not smudge at all.

Love the packaging but one thing that is really disappointing is the smell of the primer.

Garden to Table Private Dining, Kuala Lumpur

A few weeks ago,
 Meitzeu and I were in KL and met up with an old friend of hers, YinYin!
I heard from Meitzeu that her friend is setting up a private Garden to Table Private Dining place
and she invited us over to try it out.

This is the menu that you can pick for your private dining session.
Meitzeu and I picked Set 2 and Set 3.

Buttermilk scones that are to die for!
The most crumbliest and tastiest scones ever discovered and eaten!

Set 2 ( Nasi Lemak + Grilled Chicken), Set 3 (Scones),
Latte and Cappuccino. 

A very unique experience for me as this the first time having a private dining session.
It was indeed a very awesome experience to try out something new and also catching up with friends
over some coffee and SCONES!

Interested to try this out, click here for more info!

(Photo credits to Meitzeu)