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Wisdoms and Molars

Sorry for disappearing for a while.
Had a really busy and packed month last month but don't worry, new posts are coming up soon so stay tuned for that.

So...... A few weeks ago, I went in for surgery to remove my wisdom tooth. Well, it was more like teeth instead of tooth until I was informed I had to remove 5 molars instead of just 3 wisdom tooth.  I was quite shocked at first but I had requested to get this surgery done under GA (General Anesthesia) so it doesn't make a difference
if I removed 3 or 5 since I'll be knocked out anyways.
Here you can see my X-ray and you can see where I've marked the red arrows. Those are the ones that were being removed. The lower left one was the culprit of all this surgery thing!  If only it didn't grow that way, I would have just removed it easily by the normal extraction procedure.
Admitted 1 day before surgery to get my blood test done and all and had to fast at 12am till 10am the next day.  Brought a book and an MP3 player …