Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wisdoms and Molars

Sorry for disappearing for a while.
Had a really busy and packed month last month but don't worry, new posts are coming up soon so stay tuned for that.

A few weeks ago, I went in for surgery to remove my wisdom tooth.
Well, it was more like teeth instead of tooth until I was informed I had to remove 5 molars instead of just 3 wisdom tooth. 
I was quite shocked at first but I had requested to get this surgery done under GA (General Anesthesia) so it doesn't make a difference
if I removed 3 or 5 since I'll be knocked out anyways.

Here you can see my X-ray and you can see where I've marked the red arrows.
Those are the ones that were being removed. The lower left one was the culprit of all this surgery thing! 
If only it didn't grow that way, I would have just removed it easily by the normal extraction procedure.

Admitted 1 day before surgery to get my blood test done and all and had to fast at 12am till 10am the next day. 
Brought a book and an MP3 player along to keep me distracted. Was really nervous and scared and it kept me up all night. 
Seriously , ALL NIGHT!

Day of surgery, I had a very nerve wrecking moment and what was even scarier?
Being intubated while I was awake. I had to be intubated through my nose and IT.WAS.HELL! 
It was such a slow and painful moment and I had to tell myself to take a deep breath and try to hold on and fight the pain. 
My nose and throat bled so much and the next thing I know, I passed out in a few seconds after being informed that they are gonna 
sedate me which will last for about 2 hours.

It totally felt like a 5 minute nap until I woke up to a major muscle spasm. I had spasms so bad that I heard this female dentist telling the nurse and other doctors to restrain me before I fall off the table/bed. What was rude was the dentist was nagging at me telling me to stop throwing a fit and stop struggling like a child. She thought I was doing this on purpose until I went into a panic attack. I was isolated in a different room for at least 30 minutes from what I can remember until I passed out again. Woke up to my ward with blood stains everywhere. I had blood stains on my blanket, bed sheets, arms, legs, face and even my hair. Slept for at least 2 hours before I was feeling slightly better and then I was discharged from the hospital. 
Desperate for a shower and sleep. Missed my bed so much.

Having my molars removed, I was on a liquid diet for a week and it was quite torturing. 
Constantly hungry and thirsty but not being able to chew or open my mouth and the worst part was not being able to sneeze and yawn. 

These are my molars and I'm pretty glad I had this done. 
Imagine having to go through that sh*t 5 times when I can just get this done once and for all.
No more hospitals, no more spasms and no more blood spills.

I'm just wondering, do molars have 3 or 4 legs?
Because most of my tooth that was taken out only had either 3 or 2 legs instead of 4.