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Mountain - Outdoor Medical First Responder Course (MOMFR) in CUCMS

Back in May, a bunch of us climbers have signed up to be a part of the Mountain Marshals and we decided to get medically certified
 to be a part of the rescue team. In case you wanna know more about the Mountain Marshals, you can just drop me an email.
Anyways... The course we attended was conducted in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS).
Super excited about this course and we spent a week in KL. (Don't mind the chubby face!)

We stayed in Cyberjaya area for the first 5 nights and also managed to grab a nice place via Air B&B with our friends
and the place was dope! It was such a nice place and really close to the University. It could fit about 10 people in that place.
Will tell more bout the house later on but now here are the photos of what we were up to in Uni!
(Sorry for the blurry and low quality photos because we only had our phones most of the time.)