Monday, January 16, 2017

Product Review : The Original Makeup Eraser (Sephora)

Hey y'all!
I finally got my hands on the Makeup Eraser from Sephora a few days ago!
What is it? It's a cloth that claims to remove all makeup especially waterproof makeup.
I was kind of skeptical when I saw the reviews from a few of my favourite Youtubers.
So far I have seen good reviews on Youtube and Sephora.

So here I am with my own review..
 The Original Makeup Eraser (Rm95.00)

When I first saw it in Sephora, I was quite surprised to see how small it was actually.
From the Youtube reviews, it looks a lot bigger but it didn't really matter.

 This part made me even more skeptical every time I read it.

 This is how the packaging looks like when you take it out of the box.
Instructions on the plastic and also a small "Thank You" card with instructions behind it.

 I have friends asking how many times can it be used and from what it says, let's hope it does reaches 1,000 washes.
So, as stated in the instructions, you need to wash it first before using and so I did that.

 Here is my face with Bbia waterproof eyeliner that I got from Hermo which I talked about in my previous post here.
I'm also using waterproof mascara from Maybelline and its my go to mascara every single time I put my makeup on.
Sorry for having no lipstick here because my lips were too dry and chapped and I hated the feeling of the flaky skin on my lips.

The cloth has 2 sides :
One side with a smoother surface which will be used for removing the makeup with warm water.
Its 100% Polyester according to the label but to me, it just feels like an ordinary microfiber towel.

The other side is a slightly fluffier and rougher side which will be used to exfoliate the skin after all the makeup is being removed.

 Here I've prepared some warm water and time to put it to the test!

 According to the instructions, you need to use a circular motion to rub the makeup off which I find it REALLY hard to do especially on the eye area.
Its not the best thing to do to be honest and my eyes felt a bit of a sting around the eyelid because of how much pressure I had to use to get the makeup off. A few of my lashes came off and I'm not happy about that. I already have very little lashes! I cant afford to lose anymore!

 Here is how clean it got on one side of my face while I left the other side of my face with makeup on.
I know you guys must be thinking I used a makeup remover to clean my face to get it this clean but I didn't.
I only used the Makeup Eraser with warm water so yeah, this is my clean face on one side.

 I only used a small section of the cloth to wipe off the makeup and this is what is left on the cloth.
Wasn't as dirty as I thought it would be but definitely did its job on removing my makeup.

 So I continued with cleaning the other side of my face that still had makeup on and this is how the cloth looks now.
It was pretty painful with the circular motion around the eye area again thinking it might work but for larger surfaces like the cheeks and forehead,
it was fine.

 I even used the other side to exfoliate my face after removing everything and here is the final result ...

 All clean and sorry for the ugly photo of myself.
This is why I don't post pictures of myself because I hate showing the world how ugly my face is with all the scars, large pores and pimples everywhere. I'm just shy when it comes to being in front of the camera but thank you guys for still wanting to read my blog after seeing this ugly picture of me!

my face was all clean and I still wasn't sure how clean it was so I grabbed my makeup remover wipes
and decided to wipe my face to see if there were any makeup left.

 I'm using the Biore Makeup Remover wipes which I cannot live without!
This is by far the best makeup remover I have ever used.

This is what's left on my face after using my makeup remover wipes.
VERY VERY little bit of foundation which I wiped off from the hairline areas and also little bits of the cloth that shedded from
the Makeup Eraser but other than that, there were nothing left on my face!

So here's my final thoughts about the Makeup Eraser :

My rating for this product would be 3/5 stars.

- It is reusable which is a big plus there which means you can save money from buying makeup removers all the time 
and also its easy to carry around anywhere.

- It is dryer and dryer sheet friendly which is also a good thing. 
I can just easily chug this cloth into the washing machine and clean it.

- The circular motion thing around my eye area made it really REALLY hard to remove the makeup until I rubbed it off normally 
like how I would do with a makeup remover wipes. (A few of my lashes fell out *sobs* )

- It makes the skin REALLY dry and it stings a lot after using this because of how much pressure that was used to remove everything 
which I was really upset about. (Use a cooling and hydrating face mask after using this cloth and your skin will thank you)

- Still needs cleaning with a makeup remover to clean the face to be sure its clean which is very time consuming.

- Price wise, its not worth it for how this cloth works. 
Its quite pricey for such a small microfiber towel and also not really an easy product to use. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Product Review : Hermo Online Beauty Shop Malaysia

Hey y'all!
I'm sure you guys will be laughing at me when I tell you this.
I might be the last person on this planet to find out about website and I have to say, that place is heaven!
Every brand I could ever want to buy is there! Its all there!

I wanted to search for some brands that weren't available in KK so I decided to give Hermo a try.
Many people told me that this website along with Althea had a lot of Korean brands and they were sold at a very cheap price!
So, I decided to check it out myself and I kid you not, I almost cried. Best discovery for the new year! 

I love how they have a HUGE list of brands to search for and the website was pretty user friendly!
I was so excited I didn't know where to start! Too many to choose from.

Lately I have been stalking  watching my favourite youtubers,
Kim Dao and Sunnydahye doing some vlogs and reviews and they suddenly mentioned about this brand called Bbia.
From what Sunny mentioned, it was a new brand that just got released in Korea and the products are really good and really affordable.
She even mentioned that it is only available online and not out in stores yet so yeah, you know where to find it now!

I wanted to try out liquid liners eventhough I know I would really suck at it but I decided like hey, its the new year!
Let's give it a shot. Who knows I might like it and be pretty good it using a liquid liner in the future. So I bought it!

I opted for the poslaju courier and it arrived at exactly 3 days!
(Good job Poslaju!)

So yeah, this is what the packaging looks like from Hermo!

This is what I got in my parcel!

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder (2 for Rm38.00), Bbia Last Water Eyeliner in Mahogany (Rm 35.70) 
and 1 Hermo Kit and 1 Hermo Makeup pouch.

I got the Hermo Kit and Hermo Makeup pouc for free. 
I read that for every purchase of 2 items, you will be entitled with free goodies!
Me likey free goodies!

Bbia Last Water Eyeliner in Mahogany (Rm35.70)

When I opened the packaging, my eyes were sparkling. 
The eyeliner was so pretty!

I love how pointy and fine the tip is!
Oh and also, it contains pearls in the eyeliner so make sure to shake at least 5 times before using it. 

Sorry if you guys cant really see the Mahogany colour but the colour is true to what was shown in the website and I was really happy with it. I tried drawing a thin and thick line like how the other beauty bloggers and youtubers would do and I love how it glided on easily AND it dries up pretty fast!

I did a water, smudge and oil test by leaving it on my hand for the entire day with no primer or base and it lasted the entire day. Sorry I did not take any photos because I was rushing off for work. Like seriously from 9.30am to 6pm. It didnt even come off but what was surprising was I removed all the make up from my face and forgotten to remove it from my hand, I used just warm water to wash it off and it just came off like instantly. This product is definitely something I would stock up on.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder (Rm38.00 for 2)

So cheap I know!

Cutest packaging and puff ever!
The size of the powder is smaller than my palm and I was curious with how good it was since everyone was talking bout it. 

Tried it out and I like how it keeps my face matte for a while but it doesn't really last the entire day but I'm still pretty happy 
with how much it helps with keeping it matte. 

Hermo Kit and Hermo pouch (FOC)

Inside the Hermo Kit, they gave me a Silky Girl Makeup Remover, Brightening Lace Face Mask and Lanvin Marry Me travel size Perfume. 
I love getting travel size stuff and pouches so I could use them for travelling. I'm not a perfume person but more of a body mist person but this tiny perfume smells really good!

Just so you guys know, this is not a sponsored post. I like doing reviews based on my personal opinions,
feedbacks or whatever you call it but definitely not sponsored. I would love to get sponsored it I have a chance though. *dreams*

For more info on Hermo , click here!
You can also check out my two favourite youtubers,
KimDao and Sunndahye below :

Youtube : kimdao & kimdaovlog
Blog : Kim Dao Blog

Youtube : sunnydahye 
Blog : Sunnydahye

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Product Review : The Therapy Anti-Aging CC Cushion (The Face Shop)

Happy New Year everyone!
Feels great to be back with another product review!

Trying out something different for the new year and I have decided that I wanna do a review on Korean products. 
I have been using a lot of Western Makeup products and skincare but I was thinking why not try out some Asian products since I have Asian skin and the products are made for our humid weather. 

I am not the biggest makeup fan because of my sensitive skin. I always breakout or my skin starts itching a lot if I used something that doesn't suit my skin. I love makeup and exploring brands and I thought a lot about Korean products since everyone is raving about it and its pretty affordable too! If you think about it, most Koreans go through plastic surgery and they need something that wont damage their skin so of course Korea will have to create something suitable for that problem and they did!

Okay, back to the review. 
I have always been a fan of The Face Shop and what I didn't know was that it was a Korean brand. 
I was quite surprised to find out only after many years of using it and not paying attention to it. 
I decided I needed something with light - medium coverage for my everyday makeup look and I heard about the famous CC Cushion.

The Therapy Anti-Aging Cushion (Rm115 I think)

Love how the packaging looks so vintage and so clean!
I'm a sucker for any Beige coloured packaging!


I don't know if you guys could see that tiny little mole on my hand but I tried the CC Cushion over it and I like how it covers it.
Not too much coverage but like I said a light - medium coverage.
(I think God purposely left that tiny mole on my hand so I could do a makeup test on it to see how well it covers up!)

The only issue I had was the amount in the CC Cushion.
 0.52oz for Rm115 is a little pricey for such a small amount. If you think about it, usually we pay more because of the packaging, not the product inside. Then again, I thought about how I could reuse the packaging by replacing it with a new sponge and filling it with my favourite foundation or BB/CC cream and also a new puff! Then I wont have to spend too much on getting a new CC Cushion. I hate to admit the packaging was really pretty and part of me got it because of it!

Think about it, Rm115 for 0.52oz of CC cream inside while I can get a full size foundation (1.0 Fl.oz/30ml) from Revlon for less than Rm70.
So , if you plan to spend your money on makeups, spend wisely and think of how often will you be using it and how much of it do you need.

For more info on The Face Shop, click here!
I'll be back with another review soon!

Monday, December 5, 2016

DIY : One Pan Baked Potatoes, Mushrooms and Beans

Hey y'all! 
I'm back again with another lazy easy healthy recipe for those who don't feel like eating meat and I have those days where I just feel like a vegetarian.

 As you all know I hate cooking but a girl's gotta eat. Thank God my family owns an oven!
So, I went out to do some grocery shopping as usual and started prepping for dinner. 

So here's what you need :
3 Large Potatoes (Diced)
Shiitake Mushrooms (Diced)
Long Beans (or String Beans, cut into 3/4)
1 Onion (Diced)
8 cloves of Garlic (Diced)
Olive Oil
Thyme (Dry)
Sea Salt (Or Kosher Salt) 
Black Pepper

Instructions :

1). Pre-heat your oven to 190°C.

2) Foil your tray or pan and add in your diced potatoes, mushrooms, onions and garlic. 
Drizzle olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper. Bake everything for 40 minutes and make sure to toss in between.

3) Remove from oven and add in the beans . Drizzle a little bit of honey over it and toss well.
Bake it again for another 45 minutes and you're done!

* Note : You can drizzle a little bit of lemon juice on top of everything before serving but this part is optional.

I know it doesn't look as good as it looks but it taste really good!

This is a portion for 2 - 3 people.
Something really easy and healthy for those who are lazy like me. You even use this in your meal prep plan for the week as well.
You can even add in chicken breast into the recipe if you feel like having meat.

Do lemme know if you like this recipe and tag me on Instagram (@mikayuki_jin) if you made this and loved it!
I would love to hear what you guys think of this recipe and I promise to share more easy and healthy recipes soon on my blog!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mount Kinabalu Expedition 2016 (Part II)

(Day 3)

Didn't sleep much after dinner because it was too noisy in the dorm and also I was quite excited to hike up to the Summit so I ended up getting 3 hours of sleep when I was suppose to be getting a 7 hours of sleep. Eddy woke up to a headache while the rest of us were feeling restless.
Woke up at 1am to get ready for breakfast and also our hike.

Went to the dining hall and it wasn't as packed as its was during dinner time.
I'm guessing some decided to bail out or some decided to ascend a little later in the day.
We only ate a bit because we didn't want to feel sick later if we were too full.

After breakfast, we gathered outside to wait for our guide and that time it was 7 °C outside at 2.15am. We were all ready to go!
Weather was also good in the morning but it was really cold for me. Be sure to bring your headlamp for this hike.
Its really important or else you'll trip on the stairs or rocks. 

Unfortunately, Roy couldn't take photos on the way up because it was too dark but all I can tell you guys is that the sky were beautiful.
The sky was filled with stars like what you see on TV and lucky for us, it wasn't windy as well or else we'd freeze our butts off!

This photo is unedited as well.

He only managed to take photos when the sun started to rise a bit and the view was just too beautiful to resist.
At the same time, I was holding on to Roy's arm as I was about to give up. So close to the Summit but it was so cold!

I was struggling to breathe due to the cold and also the altitude but I kept pushing myself.
Everyone was being so supportive and kept telling me to go on because I was close (it was 1.2km away and it was the longest and coldest moment of my life I kid you not). Most of you know I really REALLY hate the cold and when the sun risen a bit, that's where the wind decided to pick up and I was about to panic because it was getting colder. 

Roy kept telling me I was so close to the Summit and this was the view from where I was. I heard people laughing and talking and I knew I was so close.
My heart was so happy but my legs and brain were telling me to quit. It was the most mentally and physically challenging moment I ever had and I was so close to crying. My knees were about to give up but I still pushed myself to reach the Summit. I even told Roy that I didn't care about the sunrise but I wanted to get up to the peak and that's it.

Here I am! 200m away from the peak! 

I was about to cry when I sat down behind the sign and also admiring the view and it was the most beautiful view I have ever seen!
I even thought to myself, it was worth the pain, the training and also sleepless hours!

Everyone here got me to the top and I can't thank them enough for all the motivation, encouragements and also to Roy,
for all the love and support to get me up there as he promised!

Wanted to do a short boomerang video but Roy's phone died so we ended up with photos on his camera only.
I was desperate to leave immediately because it was too cold and my legs are starting to cramp so we descended first.

Thank you love!


Only on the way down you will realize that there is a pond nearby.
According to Roy, this is a wishing pond and people usually make their wishes here and then throw a coin into the pond.
I didn't make any wishes because I just wanted to get down to Pendant Hut in Laban Rata

On our way down to Pendant Hut in Laban Rata.
There is a post office there where you can mail postcards and it cost Rm2.00 per piece.
The stamp for the postcard is really nice! It has a picture of the peak with the height measurements.
I would really suggest you do this at least once if you get the chance!

After Pendant Hut,
we got back to the dorm to pack our stuff and then made our way to the dining hall for breakfast before our final descend down to Timpohon Gate which..was..HELL! We left Laban Rata at 10.30am and halfway through the descend, my right knee was hurting really bad and the stairs were endless. I ended up limping on 1 foot with a hiking pole and what made the situation worse was it started pouring at Layang-Layang (4km check point). It rained so hard that everything I wore was completely soaked even with a poncho on. Even my bag pack was soaked. Not forgetting my waterproof shoes which in the end wasn't waterproof at all. 

100m away from Timpohon Gate, I started cursing at the remaining stairs going up to the gate! 
I swear I would never see stairs the same way again after this expedition. 

Soaked, cold and hungry and also very pissed off but glad I FINALLY MADE IT!
Got on a van back to Kinabalu National Park and went to the car.

Drove to the lodge where Eddy was staying (D Villa Lodge) and checked in immediately.
Thank God for extra dry clothes I packed for our final night in Kundasang.
Immediately ran to the bathroom to take a nice hot shower because I was literally shaking from the cold.
Had dinner at 4pm and tried staying awake until late but we ended up crashing at 7pm.

(Day 4)

Woke up at 6am with stiff legs, took a nice hot shower and had an amazing breakfast with a nice view of Kundasang right outside!
Made plans with the rest of the climbers to visit Borneo Mushroom to shop for some organic mushrooms and headed home after that.

Organic Shiitake Mushrooms (Rm14 per kg) 

Organic Oyster Mushrooms (Price N/A)

Freshest mushrooms I have ever eaten!
Cheap and fresh and I highly recommend those who love mushrooms to visit Borneo Mushroom.

After a long visit to Borneo Mushroom, finally it was time to head back!
I was so happy when I got home. Just when I thought the torture was over, I forgotten that my bedroom and bathroom were upstairs.
Cursing and swearing all the way up and on the way down.  After unpacking, doing my laundry and everything else that needs to be done,
I finally got to lie down on my bed and I was looking at my certificate and tag. I was really glad I did this.
All the pain was definitely worth it!

Got a little souvenir from the trip.
Blood clots on my big toes and the right side of my toe looked just like Australia had just invaded it.
I realized this only after 5 days and it doesn't hurt anymore.

For more pictures, click here!
For more pictures of Borneo Mushroom, click here!