Monday, May 9, 2016

Product Review : Lowe Alpine Strike 24 L Daypack

Hey hey hey!
I'm back with another product review. Sorry I disappeared again.
Been really busy with work and all.

I want to share with you guys about something that might be useful to all of you guys who love hiking, 
climbing, trekking and outdoor-sie stuff. I recently came across a really awesome bag from Lowe Alpine.

Love how light this bag is and not to mention the amount of pockets on this bag.
Perfect size if you're planning for a casual day out, hiking, trekking, climbing, camping or even sightseeing.

Lowe Alpine Strike 24L Daypack (Rm299)

Love the yellow and blue stretch mesh pockets on the lower sides of the bag.
Those are actually pockets for your water bottles and it can fit a 1 Litre size bottle for each pocket.
You can also fit a thermos if the size is similar to a regular water bottle.

What I like about this bag are the shoulder straps.
Its one of the major thing to look out for in a bag pack because who knows whether you're planning to go out for a camping trip or even a quick hike, the bag pack you bring along has to be comfy. So, shoulder straps are one of the major things you need to look out for.

These shoulder straps have a soft preformed foam and an ultra-lightweight AdaptiveFit harness for supreme carrying comfort.
Unlike other bag packs which comes with a strap that is stiff and quite thin making it very tiring after a while.
So, be sure to check for a comfy shoulder strap.

I am one of those who LOVES bags full with pockets. Why you ask?
Well, if you're like me and you just love organizing everything you are bringing and I tell you that having this much pockets will help you save time.
You don't need to bring a bag organizer anymore!

Also, I really like how this bag has a large main opening for easy access. Some bag packs I've seen only open up until half way.
Its quite frustrating if you need to pack something big into the bag but the opening is small.

I love how it has a pocket for the hydration bladder (aka hydration pack/bag) in case you plan on bringing one along.
You can even store you laptop if its smaller than a 15 inch and slot it into the hydration bag pocket.
It even helps to give some back support too!

Here is something I'm really impressed with.This bag comes with an SOS panel on the inside of the bag.
Most bag packs I've seen does NOT come with an emergency guide or manual but this bag does.
Now you dont have to worry on what to do in case of an emergency.Another plus point for this bag!

The SOS panel is printed on the inside of the bag which is on the top pocket, accessible from the outside.
 A small top pocket for essential items such as your phone, keys, coins or any other small items.
It also comes with a strap that has a clip at the end for you to clip your keys on as well.

Here we have the front zippered pocket for easy access to your maps, notebooks, sunscreen or even raincover.

Also, did you notice the two coated strings on the grey flap in the picture?
Those are lash points for securing your helmet. Its just not suitable for helmets to be stuffed into a bag pack so just clip on your helmet straps through both lash points and you're good to go! You can also put your hiking pole through the lash points and lock it in place at the bottom part which I am going to show you guys in a bit.

Remember I mentioned bout the hydration bladder pocket?
Well, when you bring a hydration bladder, of course you'd want to drink out of it.
So, as you can see above, there is a hidden pocket with a "H2O"label printed on the side of the bag.
Its for the hose and nozzle from the hydration bladder to go through so you can get access to your water easily.

Not forgetting to mention that the bag comes with a few buckles to keep your bag safe.
It has 2 buckle straps on both sides of the bag.

Alright, back to the part where I mentioned bout the hiking pole.
This is the part where I mentioned earlier where you put the end of the walking/hiking pole through.
A unique tip gripper for securing your walking pole or anything that has a bung end.

Another major thing to look out for besides the foamed shoulder straps is the back support.
You'll be carrying around your stuff for the entire day so having a good back support is crucial.
This bag comes with an Air-Contour Foam which helps to reduce contact area between the bag and the back,
helping you to keep your back cool! You only have one spine so take care of it.

*Note : Not recommended if you're planning to carry many heavy equipments as this is a day pack not a mountaineering bag pack. 
It might be too heavy if you carry too many stuff and it will cause sore shoulders and back. 
It might even cause the seams to rip if the bag is too heavy.*

A little info for most of you guys out there who are searching for bag packs or are new to selecting a bag pack, majority of outdoor bag packs will have this emergency whistle buckle which is attached on the shoulder straps. Perfect for getting attention during an emergency situations.
You should really get a bag pack with this whistle buckle.

On the other side of the shoulder strap,
it usually comes with a small zippered pocket to store small items such as a swiss knife, nail clipper, etc..

Also another thing on the shoulder strap is a small LED light loop.
You can clip on your mini headlamp or maybe a walkie-talkie which I always do with my bag packs which has this loop.

Here I have prepared a Tech Specs list for you guys to summarize the whole thing :

(This list is based on my own research)

You can purchase this bag from :
Montanic in Suria Sabah (Lower Ground)
 or Imago Shopping Mall (1st Floor).

If you're interested in purchasing something outdoor related, click here!

These are the brands available in Montanic :
*Image source from Montanic *

You can check out their Facebook too and don't forget to "Like" their page!

(*Credits to Roy for helping Behind the Scenes and being my hand model*)

For further enquiries, you can contact them via :
Tel : +6088 250 398 / 274 538 / 274 699
Fax : +6088 250 398 
Email :

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DIY : One Pan Baked Chicken and Vegetables

Hey hey hey!
Lately I have been watching a lot of this Tasty video that everyone keeps posting on Facebook and I came across this particular video which was showing how to prepare a "One Pan Bake Chicken and Vegetable" meal and from the way it looks, it seems pretty easy to me. 

So, I went out to do some grocery shopping and as most of you know that I don't really like cooking but thank God for an oven at home anything is possible now! Got home after my workout and prepared this mouth-watering meal with Roy.

So here's what you need :
 2 Chicken Breasts, skinless and boneless
Long Beans (Any vegetable of your choice)
2 Carrots 
2 Potatoes
2 Cloves of Garlic, diced
Salt (For taste)
Pepper(For taste)
Olive Oil 
Cheddar Cheese

Instructions :

1). Pre-heat your oven to 200°C . Cover your pan with aluminium foil.

2). Chop up all the carrots and potatoes into cubes and boil them for a good 3-5 minutes depending on how soft you want them to be. 
Boil the long beans for 1 minute. 
As for the garlic, just peel them and diced them.

3).  Clean the chicken breasts and cut off any excess skin or fats. 

4). Gently with a knife, make a few cuts on the top and bottom of the chicken breasts.
This will help the meat absorb the oil and other flavours and seasoning.

5). Place the carrots, potatoes and long beans along the pan as you like and place the chicken breasts at the center of the pan.

6). Add some rosemary, paprika, salt and pepper for taste and also spread the diced garlics on the top and bottom of the chicken breasts. Drizzle a bit of Olive Oil and with your hands, gently massage the chicken breasts to mix up the spices and seasoning so it absorbs into the meat.

7). Then bake everything in the oven at  200°C for 35 minutes.

8). Once its done, you can finish it off with some grated cheddar cheese and then serve!

This portion is meant for 2 people so if you plan to make a bigger portion, just add more chicken breasts and repeat the process. 

Simple and healthy. I love how when the chicken breasts are baked, it allows the fat from the meat to melt and it gives flavour to the vegetables and it smells heavenly!
This is definitely one of my clean eating recipes I would definitely stick to for a while.
Its not oily at all and its really easy to make!

If you guys tried this, lemme know how yours went or maybe even share some healthy recipes with me! Would love to hear what you guys do to stay healthy.

(Photo credits to Roy)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Product Review : Ego QV Skincare (Part II)

***This is not a sponsored post***

 For all you people with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or any skin condition..
Fear not, I have something to share with you!

Introducing Ego QV Skincare! 

Ego Sun Sense , QV Gentle Wash Soap Bar, QV Gentle Wash, QV Cream, QV Face Night Cream, QV Face Day Cream 
& QV Face Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

I have been a loyal user of QV for over 6 years now and until today I can't get enough of their products. I blogged about this skincare before right here.
I had a mild eczema and acne vulgaris years ago and I was at the edge of giving up looking for something that will fix my skin problem and after discovering QV Skincare, my skin had never been healthier and smoother.

Im also very happy that their body range products are soap,colour and fragrance free.
These are also suitable for infants and also the elderly people.

Here's what I have that I always repurchase everytime it runs out!

All the extra stocks I bought in case I run out of them.

I always ask my sister who is currently living in Perth to bring some back for me since this is an Australian product and it's way cheaper to get it there than buying it here.Usually 1 bottle of the QV Gentle Wash last me for about 3 - 4 months since I'm only using it as a facial cleanser.
The creams lasts me for months as well.

I'm now waiting to get my hands on their new Oil Free Moisturizing Cream.
It stated that its suitable for oily and acne prone skin and that's exactly what I need.

Also the sport range which is not sold in Malaysia. (*cries*)
Read so many good reviews about the sport range and I'm itching to get some for myself.

You can check out Ego QV Skincare for more info!
I swear you wont regret getting this if you need something to soothe your sensitive skin.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Product Review : Ash Be Nimble

***This is not a sponsored post***

Hey y'all!
Yes I am finally back with another product review and this time its something that I have been dying to share with you guys.

As many of you know that I'm a sports junkie and also I LOVE SPORT ATTIRES!
So where do I get my attires from?
Well, introducing..

Ash Be Nimble

I have been a big fan of Ash Be Nimble for a while now and I have always wanted to get my hands on their vibrant and colourful attires.
Believe it or not, these active wear are designed here in Malaysia. YES! A Malaysian based brand in Kuala Lumpur!

I love how their website has such a clean layout and user friendly.
Check out what they have in stores online...

Sports Bra

I couldnt make up my mind which one I wanted to get for myself.
I could spend hours looking through everything just finding the perfect one.


Check out their tops and tanks!
I just love how colourful they look and also I like how they have apparels for all including for men too!

They even have sizes fit for kids of all ages as well as sports hijabs for all our Muslim friends out there!
I even read that its a first-of-its-kind sports hijab designed in Malaysia.
How sweet is that!

  Also, they just recently released their new skorts range.

What are skorts?
Its a skirt that comes with a pair of shorts / tights inside.
Just look at how pretty those skorts look! For those of you who loves wearing skorts
to workout or for running, these might be your place to shop.
A flirty and fun look to boost your confidence while you work out. I even saw that they have new tanks which goes perfectly with them.

Another one thing I really love about ABN is that they have a proper size guide chart for certain apparels.
Unlike other websites, they only have general sizes for everything.
I always like to check the exact measurements before purchasing something.
Also, I like how they list out the sizing in inch and in UK sizing as well.
hey also state that if the designs are designed in a larger or smaller cut just in case you order the wrong size.

As for crops and bottoms, its kinda crucial to find the perfect fit.
You don't want to rip your tights or have it too loose for your workouts right?
I'm liking how they state the sizes in inches instead of cm.
I always purchase the wrong size when it comes to buying a top or tank. Its always too tight.
Luckily, ABN states out all the measurement from bust to bottom and sleeves to full length.UK sizing is a plus for me!
I always look out for UK sizing as I wear a slightly larger cut compared to Asian sizing which is tiny!

Here are my top 3 picks from ABN :
 *click for better view* 

The best part about surveying through the items, they even state out how you should take care of them, what is't made of, and what activity is't suitable for and also what sort of supports it gives!

 *click for better view*

 *click for better view*

They ship via Poslaju which usually arrives within 7 working days.
I also love how friendly they are when you inquire something if you drop them an email and they reply with a very positive and happy attitude!

I waited anxiously in the office for the postman to come in with my parcel and when it finally arrived, I was squealing with joy!
Ripped open my parcel and quickly went home just so I could take some photos and do this review for you guys!

Company which has an exchanging policy earns my respect. 
At least they understand that not everyone fits everything they buy on their first purchase. Thumbs up ABN!

Really glad that the sports bra comes with a separate padding.

Love how soft and thin the top is. This top is just perfect for my climbs and runs.
It dries up fast and FYI its quite sheer. If you don't mind showing a little, pair it up with any of your colourful sports bra like how I am pairing it up with my mint lime sports bra!

One important thing I would like to share to you guys about buying the right pair of tights.

First, you need to find the right size. 
Make sure when you get a pair of tights, try it on so that it fits nicely and not too tight when you try to squat or sit. Make sure it is not too loose too.
Second thing is to think of convenience. I always like to run with my MP3 player and a phone during marathons so having a small pocket would be the best. Easy to store you stuff without losing it and its quite tiring to hold on to it if you think about it.

 Imagine running a half marathon (21km) holding on to your keys and phone. 
Your arms might be sore even before reaching the check point.

Third is to look out for the stitches on the crotch part. Many of you don't know that they have different kinds of stitching methods. 
The most common ones are the normal "X" stitch which is just an "X" sewn across the crotch part. 

Look for a diamond, rectangular or and oval/eye (like the picture above) stitching ones instead. This way, it stretches in 4 ways which also makes it less prone to tearing or ripping AND it makes it a lot easier to do your stretching and other activities!

Last but not least, comfort. Look for a pair of tights which dries up fast and is stretchable.
If it comes with a mesh design on it, that would be better. The mesh helps it to dry fast and keeps you cooler at the same time. 

Be sure to also check out how to take care of your sport attire once you've bought them.
You don't want to destroy them in the washing machine. Love how cute the instructions look on the apparels I bought.

You can drop by their store if you are in Kuala Lumpur or you can check out what other places that sells ABN products as well. 

30A, Jalan ss20/10
Damansara Kim,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Store hours:
Wednesday - Friday 12 - 6pm
Saturday - 12 - 4pm

Check out Ash Be Nimble for more!
For more info on where else that sells ABN products, click here!
(I even found out that they are selling in Bali, Singapore and Philippines)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

DIY : Healthy Tortilla Wrap

Hey hey hey!
As promised, I'm back with another food DIY!
Besides making the Overnight Oats for my weekly meal prep,
I'm gonna be showing you one of my favourite thing to make and its perfect for all occasion. Whether it be for breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper or even a snack. 

So here's what you need :

Tortilla Wraps
Turkey Ham (Any ham of your choice)
Cherry Tomatoes (Regular tomatoes are fine too)
Cheddar Cheese (Any cheese of your choice)

Note : I grilled the Turkey hams and grated some Cheddar Cheese before I start wrapping everything.

First, lay out your tortilla wrap.

Then, start placing your lettuce followed by the turkey ham,
eggs, cherry tomatoes, onions and then lastly some grated cheddar cheese!
Be sure to not put in too much or else you might have a hard time wrapping it.

After that, fold the wrap according to the numbers labelled in the picture above.
To secure the wrap, I used a toothpick and poked in right in the center of the wrap to keep it folded and YOU'RE DONE!

That was pretty simple right!
You can change the recipe to suit your diet or you can just follow my recipe to make things easier. You can eat this anytime and the best part is you can eat this hot or cold!
Just pop it into the fridge (not the freezer) and keep it chill if you don't plan to finish everything at once.

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and remember to leave  comment below if you'd like to see more healthy recipes from me! I will do my best to search for the most easiest and healthiest recipe for you guys.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Out with the old and in with the new

Hey y'all!
As you can see my blog is looking a little different again.
Just decided to give it a new look for this year and so far I'm loving the new layout.

Old Template

I love the white background so I decided to keep it.
It makes it look a lot more simple and clean and not forgetting the post layout position.
Decided to center it instead of putting it on the left, making it easier to read and scroll.
Made it slightly wider as well so it looks neat.

New Template

Picked a soft and light theme for the blog and managed to get a friend of mine to fix the photo problems as well as to fix a few settings that didn't work previously such as the reply button. The photos previously were all blur but thanks to my friend its finally fixed!

For those who commented before and didn't get a reply from me, firstly I apologize and know you know why I couldn't reply you guys. The reply button just wouldn't work previously but now its all good! Preparing for a lot of new post so stay tuned and have a great week ahead!