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Product Review: The Diva Cup

Hey y'all! I'm back with another product review and this time its a different kind of review. Its all about menstrual cups and period stories. Yes you've read it right, Period stories! I will be reviewing on the different kinds of brands out there as well as other infos as well so ladies,  stay tuned for this!
So here's a little history of my period condition. (Warning! There will be a lot of T.M.I content in this)
When I was in high school (2002 to be exact), I suffered from very bad cramps,
VERY heavy bleeding and irregular period cycles. When I say heavy, I meant by changing my pads at least 2 to 4 times a day
and not just any regular
pads but the EXTRA LONG NIGHT PADS.  That was how heavy it was for me and even with them period panties
(back then they were grandma panties with a leak proof layer)  I would still leak through them because of the heavy bleeding.
About the CRAMPS,  I would usually be in pain days before my period, the first 3 days and after that it wo…
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Hello Stranger Cafe , Riverson, Kota Kinabalu

Hey y'all!
I know you must be thinking "Wow! Another food review?"
or "Wow! 2 blog posts in a week?".
Yes I am back with another awesome food review for you guys!

Back in February,
I was attending an event in Riverson which is called the Jesselton Artisan Market
and I was planning to spend my day there shopping and just chill somewhere
for the weekends.

So I came across this new cafe called Hello Stranger and thought it was such a cool name!
I heard from some of my friends that their coffee and sandwiches were really good and really affordable
so I decided to pay them a visit. Long story short, I loved my first visit and also got to know the owners of the cafe
and they wanted to have the bloggers come and review the place.
So here I am, back with another review for you guys!

Love the setup of everything in the cafe.
Loving the interior and vibes in here.
Very simple and very clean!

Hello Stranger serves Asian fusion food which ranges from Vietnamese, Japanese …

Up2U Cafe 10th Anniversary (31st March 2018)

Hey y'all! It has been a while since I last did a food review so today I will be reviewing one of my favourite cafes in town  which is very well known for their Shishas and also the very place I got a job is Up2U cafe. 
This cafe has been around for 10 years now and I cant believe how much it has grown  and also happy with all the improvements on their food and also the condition of the place! They are located in Damai (right next to Captain Cook).

Love how the place is a lot brighter now! Friendly waiters and also loving the very positive vibe here. This place serves no pork and serves alcoholic beverages as well as Shisha.
So this is their menu.  They not only refurbished the place but also made some changes to their menu. Mixing the classic stuff with some new ones and I always love trying new things!
So for their 10th Anniversary celebration, they have prepared a special menu specifically for this very special day which is a RM10 promo on selected meals. 
Before starting the …