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Headphones and Effects

Had a small photoshoot with Beryl. I told her I wanted to take some pictures of me with my new headphones and boy it looks awesome!  We both did the editing using a software recommended by Beryl.

Pot of Gold in my living room

Female Role

Got a call from Raymond saying they need a female to play  a part in their college assignment. They said they couldn't find anyone else so I said yes. Had a good time filming with them.
Had to do a kissing scene.  No we didn't kiss at all but from a certain angle it does look like we are. So much fun hanging out with the boys!
Well, that's all for now! Till then!



Bumped into a few friends on the same day when I was out with Pricilla.

Met Chiaki in Yoyo, Lintas

Picked up Elaine and head off to Citymall for a quick drink.
Bumped into Raymond and Emily in Old Town White Coffee.
Then, head out to Damai later at night cause' I got a call from  a childhood friend of mine,Susan saying she wants to meet up in Damai!

Bumped into Dewi, Kwan and Chung!
Talk about fate. Well, that's all for now! Till then!