Friday, May 11, 2012

Batu Caves, Damai, Kuala Lumpur (Part II)

Hey hey hey!
Alright moving on from the previous post!

(Day 3)

After a long night out till 4am, we went home and slept at around 5am and woke up at 8.30am.
Zombie mode ON the 3rd day of the trip but it was worth it! Stress free and relaxed we set off
 to Batu Caves once again! This time we climbed on the other side of the wall! 

Don't know why but these little bugs love Donald's bag!
He got rid of 2 spiders and they kept coming back and not to mention this furry little
poisonous thing on his shoe!

Saw this little guy on the branches!

We met up with Din and Meng Koo on that day and boy do I miss those guys alot!
Din even brought his hammock along!
Most of were busy laying on the hammock while other were climbing! 

The Backstreet Boys of SICC

After a long and hot day in Batu Caves,
some of us headed off to PCP (Putrajaya Challenge Park) to climb some more! HUGE GYM!

And I got a chance to finally meet up with...
Kay, owner of  The Print Tee and Daniel from room8five!

Do hop on over to Daniel's blog! Love his post!
Interesting and funny stuff he's got there!

Oh and you guys have to check out The Print Tee for cool t-shirts!
I am planning to get myself a few already!

These guys are really funny and friendly too!
(Sorry bout the blurry pictures guys..You guys were moving too much!)

SICC team

Thanks for making us feel so welcome guys! 
Appreciate the love! 

(Day 4)

Roy had to attend a meeting in Camp 5 and I wanted to do some last minute shopping
in 1 Utama so we met up and took a cab together. Wasn't easy to grab a cab from where 
we were staying but lucky for us we manage to get a good honest cab driver!

Once we arrived in 1 Utama, we bumped into Meng Koo!
So, Roy attended his meeting while Meng Koo and I were out and 
about in 1 Utama walking and shopping! 

Grilled Beef with Black Pepper
(Grilled beef served with rice and topped with corns,spring onions
and lots of black pepper.)

Had this for brunch and it was quite okay.
A little too salty though but it was filling.

Was suppose to head over to Nanyang
 (Next to Damai Wall) but it was raining cats and dogs so 
we all just stayed in 1 Utama and climbed in Camp 5! Ron even came to join us! 

 Doing a grade 6B+ top rope route

(Picture credits to Ron)

Oh and one thing that really brighten up my whole trip.
I finally got to meet my friend, Donavan aka Donut!

We've been talking for a while now and we have never met each other before.
So when we finally met up,the first thing that went through my head was

Too bad my camera died on the night of Day 4 because 
I dropped my camera while I was in Batu Caves so didn't manage to snap any pictures
of Day 5 which has nothing special.

We all just went shopping and saying goodbye to Camp 5.
Departed KL at 6pm and arrived safely in KK at 8.30pm.
It was really a memorable trip for all of us! Hopefully there will be another trip next year! 

For more pictures, click here!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Batu Caves, Damai, Kuala Lumpur (Part I)

What's up peeps?
Hope you guys are having a great day today!

Last week,
my friends and I flew to Kuala Lumpur for our rock climbing trip that was planned last year.
Our long awaited trip that has finally arrived!

It was a 5days trip to KL and boy were we all excited!
Most of us couldn't sleep the night before the trip. Excited like a little happy puppy!
About 12 of us who went on this trip! (9 guys 3 girls)

(Day 1)

We had an awesome time not to mention the excitement of
climbing outdoors for the 2nd time! Lots of ups and downs during the trip
as well as miscommunications but let's put that aside for now. 

I must say this is the 1st time I travel to KL just for climbing and only climbing!
No time for shopping but lots and lots of climbing!
We visited Camp 5 on the 1st day right after we touchdown.

Signing up and signing in to climb in Camp 5!

My Camp 5 member card

Auto Belay machine

View of the clouds from inside of the gym..Beautiful!

The Professional wall
(30m overhang)

Did a lot of lead climbing on the first day!

 From 5Cs to Grade 6A lead routes.

Lovin' my climbing pants!

Guess who I met in KL ...
Henley Hii
(Superstar winner from Sabah for Astro Talent Quest a few years back)

We went out for lunch and bumped into him!
Haven't seen him around for years and what are the odds of
bumping into him outside the elevator going up to Camp 5 on that day!

Lead Wall Route List
*click for better view*

Top Rope Route List I & II
*click for better view*

Roy and I had a little selfie moment!

Who did it better?

While we were all upstairs lead climbing chillin', the rest were downstairs bouldering!

 Camp 5 female washroom!
Lockers and showers provided!

After a long day of climbing,
we girls went back to Kenji's place while the boys crashed over at Jason's place.
When we got to Kenji's place, I saw this cutest thing running around the house!

His name is Poe!

Reminds me of Milo from the movie, The Mask!
Really adorable! He was really happy to see us!
This little fella wouldn't stop wagging its tail and jumping around!

(Day 2)

After a good night rest, we got up early and packed our bags for
the long awaited BATU CAVES!

Had an awesome breakfast before heading down to Batu Caves,Damai.

 Meatball soup
(Its really different how the meatball is there because
they serve the meatball in bunch instead of individual meatballs!)

Lo Mai Kai
(Glutinous rice with pork)

I must say this is the best Lo Mai Kai I have ever tasted!
John told me if I like this one then I would definitely love the ones in Hong Kong!

 Group photo time!

FINALLY arrived in Batu Caves!!
Beautiful right?

Donald and the rest of the guys got some
 snacks and bananas to snack on in case we get hungry!

Grade 5C top rope route

 Vince and Roy doing a multipitch on a 70m wall!

Vince going through a refresh course with us on how to set
an anchor properly and safe.

After Batu Caves,
we went to another climbing gym called Mad Monkeyz which was
at Wangsa Maju. Bought some durians on the way there!
While waiting for the rest to arrive, we were busy indulging in durians!

This a really cool climbing gym because it focuses on mostly bouldering and overhangs.

My Mad Monkeyz member card

Small group picture in Mad Monkeyz

Everyone there was really friendly and their services were good!
Would definitely go back there again if I do get a chance to go back to KL to climb again!

After climbing, we decided to head down to Redbox for a little Karaoke session!
Before that, Kenji decided to bring us out for some desserts at this place call Ice Room!
They serve shaved ice and other stuff as well and man its so good!

Green Tea Shaved Ice
(Green tea flavoured shaved ice topped with cornflakes,
milk and kidney beans)

Awesome night it was!

(Picture credits to Haziah & Roy)