Borneo International Marathon 2012 (BIM), Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu (Part I)

What's up y'all? 
Its already May and man have I missed out in the blogging world! 
Been super busy last week!

Was in Kuala Lumpur with my buddies on a rock climbing trip to
 Batu Caves,Damai and other places too!
 Will blog about that on my next post but for now I'm here to blog 
about the Borneo International Marathon 2012 (BIM)!

Back in 2009, I did my first 10km run.
(yeah I know 10km is very short but trust me..It was the longest 10km of my life)
Didn't know why I signed up for the marathon
but it was worth it! Didn't know i could actually run within' 2hours!
My time was 01:26:49.27 back then.

Then in 2010, I did my 2nd 10km run.
Was really surprised to see how much I improved and how well I've done! 
My time was 01:15:34.26 and ranked top 100!

This year, I did my 3rd 10km run.
The bet my friends and I made was if I did better this year I will have to sign up for 21km
next year which I did! Don't know how am I gonna survive that run but I will do it!
Its gonna be a whole new experience!
My time was 01:09:40.30 and I'm ranked #62!!

For those who haven't seen their results,
results can be found here!

Guess who I met before the run..

JJ and Ean from!
(Picture credits to Joanna)

Finally get a chance to meet them ESPECIALLY
EAN! He is just so cute!!! I even met Cassie and Rica too! 

Thanks to Nestle we had free cereal after our run!

Left to Right : Roger, Me, Shawn, Edna, Ronie, Nur, Sara and Zack


  1. Haha omigosh you are soooooo fit... matey la... this year is going to be my first 10km... hopefully I can finish it xD

    Here, Mas... I think you should get to know her :D

  2. great timing in your run! make it a 21km next year. :D



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