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Product Review : Lowe Alpine Strike 24 L Daypack

Hey hey hey! I'm back with another product review. Sorry I disappeared again. Been really busy with work and all.
I want to share with you guys about something that might be useful to all of you guys who love hiking,  climbing, trekking and outdoor-sie stuff. I recently came across a really awesome bag from Lowe Alpine.
Love how light this bag is and not to mention the amount of pockets on this bag.
Perfect size if you're planning for a casual day out, hiking, trekking, climbing, camping or even sightseeing.

Lowe Alpine Strike 24L Daypack (Rm299)
Love the yellow and blue stretch mesh pockets on the lower sides of the bag.
Those are actually pockets for your water bottles and it can fit a 1 Litre size bottle for each pocket.
You can also fit a thermos if the size is similar to a regular water bottle.

What I like about this bag are the shoulder straps.
Its one of the major thing to look out for in a bag pack because who knows whether you're planning to go out for a camping t…