Product Review : Lowe Alpine Strike 24 L Daypack

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I want to share with you guys about something that might be useful to all of you guys who love hiking, 
climbing, trekking and outdoor-sie stuff. I recently came across a really awesome bag from Lowe Alpine.

Love how light this bag is and not to mention the amount of pockets on this bag.
Perfect size if you're planning for a casual day out, hiking, trekking, climbing, camping or even sightseeing.

Lowe Alpine Strike 24L Daypack (Rm299)

Love the yellow and blue stretch mesh pockets on the lower sides of the bag.
Those are actually pockets for your water bottles and it can fit a 1 Litre size bottle for each pocket.
You can also fit a thermos if the size is similar to a regular water bottle.

What I like about this bag are the shoulder straps.
Its one of the major thing to look out for in a bag pack because who knows whether you're planning to go out for a camping trip or even a quick hike, the bag pack you bring along has to be comfy. So, shoulder straps are one of the major things you need to look out for.

These shoulder straps have a soft preformed foam and an ultra-lightweight AdaptiveFit harness for supreme carrying comfort.
Unlike other bag packs which comes with a strap that is stiff and quite thin making it very tiring after a while.
So, be sure to check for a comfy shoulder strap.

I am one of those who LOVES bags full with pockets. Why you ask?
Well, if you're like me and you just love organizing everything you are bringing and I tell you that having this much pockets will help you save time.
You don't need to bring a bag organizer anymore!

Also, I really like how this bag has a large main opening for easy access. Some bag packs I've seen only open up until half way.
Its quite frustrating if you need to pack something big into the bag but the opening is small.

I love how it has a pocket for the hydration bladder (aka hydration pack/bag) in case you plan on bringing one along.
You can even store you laptop if its smaller than a 15 inch and slot it into the hydration bag pocket.
It even helps to give some back support too!

Here is something I'm really impressed with.This bag comes with an SOS panel on the inside of the bag.
Most bag packs I've seen does NOT come with an emergency guide or manual but this bag does.
Now you dont have to worry on what to do in case of an emergency.Another plus point for this bag!

The SOS panel is printed on the inside of the bag which is on the top pocket, accessible from the outside.
 A small top pocket for essential items such as your phone, keys, coins or any other small items.
It also comes with a strap that has a clip at the end for you to clip your keys on as well.

Here we have the front zippered pocket for easy access to your maps, notebooks, sunscreen or even raincover.

Also, did you notice the two coated strings on the grey flap in the picture?
Those are lash points for securing your helmet. Its just not suitable for helmets to be stuffed into a bag pack so just clip on your helmet straps through both lash points and you're good to go! You can also put your hiking pole through the lash points and lock it in place at the bottom part which I am going to show you guys in a bit.

Remember I mentioned bout the hydration bladder pocket?
Well, when you bring a hydration bladder, of course you'd want to drink out of it.
So, as you can see above, there is a hidden pocket with a "H2O"label printed on the side of the bag.
Its for the hose and nozzle from the hydration bladder to go through so you can get access to your water easily.

Not forgetting to mention that the bag comes with a few buckles to keep your bag safe.
It has 2 buckle straps on both sides of the bag.

Alright, back to the part where I mentioned bout the hiking pole.
This is the part where I mentioned earlier where you put the end of the walking/hiking pole through.
A unique tip gripper for securing your walking pole or anything that has a bung end.

Another major thing to look out for besides the foamed shoulder straps is the back support.
You'll be carrying around your stuff for the entire day so having a good back support is crucial.
This bag comes with an Air-Contour Foam which helps to reduce contact area between the bag and the back,
helping you to keep your back cool! You only have one spine so take care of it.

*Note : Not recommended if you're planning to carry many heavy equipments as this is a day pack not a mountaineering bag pack. 
It might be too heavy if you carry too many stuff and it will cause sore shoulders and back. 
It might even cause the seams to rip if the bag is too heavy.*

A little info for most of you guys out there who are searching for bag packs or are new to selecting a bag pack, majority of outdoor bag packs will have this emergency whistle buckle which is attached on the shoulder straps. Perfect for getting attention during an emergency situations.
You should really get a bag pack with this whistle buckle.

On the other side of the shoulder strap,
it usually comes with a small zippered pocket to store small items such as a swiss knife, nail clipper, etc..

Also another thing on the shoulder strap is a small LED light loop.
You can clip on your mini headlamp or maybe a walkie-talkie which I always do with my bag packs which has this loop.

Here I have prepared a Tech Specs list for you guys to summarize the whole thing :

(This list is based on my own research)

You can purchase this bag from :
Montanic in Suria Sabah (Lower Ground)
 or Imago Shopping Mall (1st Floor).

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