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Mount Kinabalu Expedition 2016 (Part II)

(Day 3)

Didn't sleep much after dinner because it was too noisy in the dorm and also I was quite excited to hike up to the Summit so I ended up getting 3 hours of sleep when I was suppose to be getting a 7 hours of sleep. Eddy woke up to a headache while the rest of us were feeling restless.
Woke up at 1am to get ready for breakfast and also our hike.

Went to the dining hall and it wasn't as packed as its was during dinner time.
I'm guessing some decided to bail out or some decided to ascend a little later in the day.
We only ate a bit because we didn't want to feel sick later if we were too full.

After breakfast, we gathered outside to wait for our guide and that time it was 7 °C outside at 2.15am. We were all ready to go!
Weather was also good in the morning but it was really cold for me. Be sure to bring your headlamp for this hike.
Its really important or else you'll trip on the stairs or rocks. 
Unfortunately, Roy couldn't take photos on the way up becaus…

Mount Kinabalu Expedition 2016 (Part 1)

Hey guys!
I'm back with another post and I am super happy to finally be able to say I'm a true Sabahan! As you can see from the title above, Yes I finally climbed up to the majestic MountKinabalu last week! You have no idea how crazy it was but it was worth all the sweat and tears!

I'm sure many of you guys have already been up to Mount Kinabalu and are already well aware of what to pack and what not to pack but I just want to share a little bit of my packing tips with those who haven't been there yet and also planning to plan ahead. You don't have to follow according to my packing list but its just a rough idea of what you should bring.

So, how you start is to talk to your friends who have been there and also if you're lucky, talk to friends who are working up in Mount Kinabalu. They might give you good tips on how to pack. For my case, I had friends who worked with Mountain Torq and also the man himself have been up to Mount Kinabalu a few years back. So he …