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Food Review : Loca_KK Foodtruck, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

A week ago,  a group of foodies gathered in Jalan Nosoob to try out Loca KK sandwiches! Loca KK is a local food truck business that recently started and business has been blooming for these guys!  Everything served are made locally as well as the ingredients used for their sandwiches.
Owners of Loca KK Foodtruck : Alexander and Jonathan

All their sandwiches are made fresh on the spot.  All ingredients are freshly picked and served fresh as well.
As for their bread, they are made fresh everyday.  They serve Focaccia bread and I love how fragrant the bread smells and taste. However, you are advised to eat these sandwiches as soon as they're being served. The bread gets pretty stale once its cold so eat it while its hot!
Here are the sandwiches.. The Sabahan (RM 7.50)
Contains :
Sayur manis, tuhau, sauteed mushrooms, ikan bilis (aka anchovies), cheese and focaccia bread.
Sayur Manis (aka sweet leaf) is commonly used in a lot of soups or simply pan fried with some eggs and garlic.
Its t…

Product Review : Estée Lauder (Sephora)

Hey y'all! Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai too everyone!
I'm back with another round of products to review again and ya'll know I love makeup and skincare products!
As you can tell from my title, I'm here to do a review on Estée Lauder products which I got from Sephora online!
I'm a hbig Sephora fan and to be honest , I have been wanting to try outEstée Lauder products for the longest time. 

One thing I really love about shopping with Sephora is that we get a free sample with every purchase and who doesn't love free samples.
I like how I get to try out different products without buying the full size product but instead a sample size. 
I had a few things I wanted to get but most of them were out of stock. Quite bummed out but I managed to grab other products instead.
Price was pretty reasonable for the products and I really like it when they show the rating for the products.
At least I know what I'm getting and also knowing what others think abou…