Food Review : Loca_KK Foodtruck, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

A week ago, 
a group of foodies gathered in Jalan Nosoob to try out Loca KK sandwiches!
Loca KK is a local food truck business that recently started and business has been blooming for these guys! 
Everything served are made locally as well as the ingredients used for their sandwiches.

Owners of Loca KK Foodtruck : Alexander and Jonathan

All their sandwiches are made fresh on the spot. 
All ingredients are freshly picked and served fresh as well.

As for their bread, they are made fresh everyday. 
They serve Focaccia bread and I love how fragrant the bread smells and taste.
However, you are advised to eat these sandwiches as soon as they're being served.
The bread gets pretty stale once its cold so eat it while its hot!

Here are the sandwiches..
The Sabahan (RM 7.50)

Contains :
Sayur manis, tuhau, sauteed mushrooms, ikan bilis (aka anchovies), cheese and focaccia bread.

 Sayur Manis (aka sweet leaf) is commonly used in a lot of soups or simply pan fried with some eggs and garlic.
Its tasty just as it is.

Tuhau is also known as wild ginger which is something every Sabahan would know and love.
Some people prefer it fermented and some prefer it fried.

The Moo (RM 9.00)

Contains :
Lettuce, BBQ pulled beef, tomatoes, pineapple and focaccia bread.

The pulled beef is marinated and braised for roughly about 4 - 5 hours which makes it really juicy and tender.
Love how its so tasty and rich in flavour.

As for the pineapples, they are using locally grown pineapples to ensure the freshest quality served.
Very sweet and juicy!

The Ultraman (RM 9.00)

Contains :
Lettuce , tomatoes, fried chicken thigh drizzled with salted egg sauce and focaccia bread.

They got the name Ultraman from the cantonese version of Ultraman which is called "Ham Dan Chiu Yan".
Ham Dan means salted egg and Chiu Yan means hero.

Boneless chicken thighs fried to perfection. Not as oily as the regular fried chicken you get everywhere else.
They fry the chicken on the spot once an order has been placed to ensure the freshest quality for the customer.

As for the sauce, I can only describe it as heaven.
Creamy, buttery salted egg sauce with a slight hint of spiciness from the cili padi and the wonderful smell from
the aromatic curry leaves used in the sauce.

 They provide delivery services as well!
For those who are vegetarian, you can opt for The Sabahan without the cheese and ikan bilis. 

L - R : Charlotte, Agnes, Geraldine, Eric, Alex, Jonathan, Me & Dino

Everything on the menu has a different taste to it so do try all of it.
My favourites would be The Sabahan and The Ultraman. 
I have never been a fan of tuhau before this but now I am because of how its fried
and how it goes with the sayur manis. You know you're a Sabahan when you love your tuhau and sayur manis.

As for the Ultraman, I am huge fan of everything salted egg so this is definitely a win for me.
Who doesn't love chicken. I know I do especially when its drizzled with loads of salted egg sauce. Oh so good!

Would like to thank Loca KK for inviting us over for an awesome night of sandwiches!
Would definitely be looking forward to more sandwiches in the future!

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For those who are interested and wants to plan for a delivery,
you can contact Jonathan (017 867 7410) and Alexander (011 3154 1531).