Kk Tweet Up Bazaar, Harbour City, Kota Kinabalu

Brooches I bought from the bazaar

Happy Sunday y'all! What a hectic week it was for me!
Wanted to update my blog but was just too caught up with work and all. 

yesterday Meitzeu and I went to Harbour City to support a friend
at the KK Tweet Up Bazaar. If it wasn't for Meitzeu I wouldn't even remember
there was one yesterday. Had lunch with her and met some new faces 
and off we went to Harbour City. 

Left to right : Meitzeu, Titi and Me

Came to support her booth and also to check out
other stuff they have there that might be useful for the next Shopaholics Bazaar

 Us with our little Twitter Bird

Choco bird with tanned owner and Creamie Bird with white fair owner

It was funny when we saw this picture cause'
Meitzeu was so fair that we couldn't see the bird in the picture!
As we walked around and I bought this ..

 Rainbow (Rm6.00) and Yam (Rm4.00) cake
I know its slightly over priced but it was for a good cause.

This was my expression when I saw the rainbow cake.

After the event, Meitzeu and I head over to Santola Cafe
for a little chill out session and also to grab some awesome coffee!

Iced Mocha Latte and Iced Au Lait

(Picture credits to Meitzeu)

Had a really fun day and looking forward to next weekend.
and lots more stuff planned out for the week. 
Will blog about these soon! Have a great day ahead peeps!


  1. nyahahahah :D Hello everyone!

  2. I'd wish you'd put more pictures of the things they sell at the bazaar. Nevertheless, this is cool. ;)


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