Look what I've got!

Last 2 weeks ago, my mum went on a vacation
to China and Korea for a business trip. I just love it when my mum
goes travelling cause' I get to stay home alone and not to mention the amount 
of stuff she gets for me when she comes back!

Spongebob multipurpose hanging pockets, 2 dresses, 1 bag, 3 pairs of shoes,
FRUTIPS chewy candy, Dorayaki Snack, Pretzl, Coffee Candies and a small pad lock.

These are from Shanghai. 
There's actually more stuff that my mum bought but I was too
 lazy to snap pictures of all of them.

Snail and Snake mask, different flavoured seaweed and a Long Champ 
multipurpose handbag. 

As for this picture, these are all from Korea.
According to my mum and a friend that the masks are really 
good for sensitive skin and that's just what I needed.

Cant wait till my next trip with mummy to Bangkok next year!
It was in our discussion and I seriously hope we get to go.
Heard a lot about Thailand and I seriously want to go there to
 shop and CLIMB! Yes you heard me, CLIMB!!