SWCC Visit (Sandakan Wall Climbing Centre)

SWCC (Sandakan Wall Climbing Centre)

Hey y'all! It's Friday!
Sorry for going MIA for 2 weeks.
Been so caught up with work, running, climbing and other stuff.

(Day 1)

Mount Kinabalu covered by the clouds.

Last week, a few of us climbers planned a trip down to Sandakan
to check out the new climbing gym, SWCC (Sandakan Wall Climbing Centre).
Lots of ups and downs for us but it turned out pretty good in the end.
A few people knew what happened to us last week.

Woke up at 5.30am and picked up everyone for the trip.
Was driving up towards Ranau until we had to
 make a stop on the side of the road because my gear had a slight problem.
 After stopping for a while, the car was all fine until we came to
Pekan Nabalu for a quick loo break!

Then when it was time to go, I realized I couldn't start the car at all.
Got a few people to help jump start the car but it wouldn't budge.
Called my uncle from Ranau to help out and he sent his minions out to pick up the car.
We went to check out the souvenir shops around while waiting for our ride.

Our famous local tea, Sabah Tea.

Really nice bag but it costs RM35!!!

Marie and the little Monkey made out of nut shells.

*click for better view*

I love the flowers on the tree!
Upside down flower..Not sure what's it called though.

Left to right : Me, Jane and Marie.

A quick glimpse of Mount Kinabalu.

After the car was fixed, and off we go again on the road.
THIS TIME it was worst. The whole gear box just gave up on us.
Ended up abandoning the car in Ranau till it gets fixed.

I panicked and called Roy for help and thank God for everything.
Roy said Vince was already on his way from Sandakan to come get us.
Jane is Vince's wife so HUBBY TO THE RESCUE.

Waited at a restaurant/cafe till Vince arrives.
We were stuck in Ranau for 7 hours when we were suppose to be in Sandakan
enjoying the opening ceremony of SWCC. Really thank God that Vince
was there to pick us up. No way I would wanna stay in Ranau.

We left Ranau at 9pm and arrived in Sandakan at 1.30am.
Owe Vince big time for this and Roy too for everything.
Felt really happy that I get to see Roy too after a long awful day.
Slept immediately after checking in to the hotel.

(Day 2)

Vince took us out for breakfast.
I just love seeing how happy Jane and Vince are whenever they are together.
Oh fyi, Roy and Vince had to stay in Sandakan for 3 months
to manage the new climbing gym until they hire new staffs and a new manager
as well as to trained them before leaving back for KK.

Jane and Vince

Teh O' Ping

Soto Ayam

Rojak Gado-Gado

SWCC is only 5 minutes drive away from where we were staying.
At first we thought it was 5 minutes walk until Vince drove us around
then realizing its NOT 5 minutes walk but 15 minutes walk!

Rope Climb : Dengan menggunakan tangan panjat tali sehingga sampai ke penghujung tali.
Which mean : Using your hand to climb the rope up till the end of the rope.

View of SWCC

Speed Climbing event going on that day.

Little boulder playground

Marie on the wall

Mr.Manager aka Roy

Happy people from the Technical Team

Group photo of us girls

Male Speed Climbing Under 17 Category

Ron doing her thing on the wall

Finally, the day ended well and we had lodas of fun!
Oh forgot to mentioned that Shawn was there to join us too!

Night view outside of SWCC

Nasi Lalap
(Deep fried chicken served with spicy chilli sambal sauce)

After we got back to freshen up, Roy took us out for dinner!
Walked to this shop were Vince and Roy always have their dinner
and they told us bout the famous Ayam Penyet!

Sat down,ordered our drinks and food and found out that Ayam Penyet was completely
sold out!! We were starving and Roy suggested Nasi Lalap.

(Nasi Lalap is a dish serve with rice + deep fried crispy chicken or fish + veges + 'sambal', 
which is a spicy sauce with the mixture of chilies, tomatoes and other spices. 
The origin of this cuisine was from Javanese, Indonesia and it is popular in Tawau.)

(Day 3)

Woke up feeling fresh and a little blue knowing
 that we're leaving Sandakan already.

Went out early with Roy and took a stroll around the thrift store in town.
Felt really sick all of a sudden. Might be over exhaustion from the climbs and lack of sleep.
Headed over to SWCC after that for a little short chill out session
and also to pack some stuff that needed to be brought back to SICC.

Shawn and Roy

The Mighty Lead Wall of SWCC

Check out the profiles!

Love the overhang profile!
Everytime I look at this picture it makes my palms and feet sweat.

Top Rope wall

Danger! Do not climb without any supervision of the staffs. - SWCC

Roy showing off his sexy thigh.

Good to see Mr.Manager back on the wall!

Roy aka Manager of SICC and SWCC

This is how you setup a belay device..

Really pumped out forearms.

My German student and friend, Marie
Wondering how in the world I spoke in German all of a sudden?
Well, here is the answer! She is my student AND my teacher!

Me and Roy

Here's Vince and me photobombing at the back!

That is how Shawn rests on a lead wall.

Group photo with my favourite boys

Take 1

Take 2 and ITS A WRAP! We've got it!

A photo of SWCC Staff uniform and the topless Manager!

Headed back with Shawn and Marie to KK at 2.30pm and arrived at 8.30pm.
Tiring road trip but it was an awesome (and scary) experience thoughout
this whole trip. Stopped by SICC to drop off the uniforms and also
to catch up with my friends. Feels great to be back knowing that everyone is safe.

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If you're planning a trip to Berhala Island or a quick visit to SWCC,
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