Product Review : Yves Rocher, Cosmétique Végétale®

Last month, I was given an opportunity to try out Yves Rocher products.
I heard of this brand before but never knew we had one outlet in Suria mall!
I received a box of products to try out!

Love the red ribbon!

Yves Rocher produces products which uses natural organic plants.
They harvest their own plants and extract the best ingredients from the plants. 
Their products are manufactured in their factories in Bretagne, France.

I love the brush! Makes it easy to apply on and it gives 
that really full look if you want those volumized looking eyelashes!

The lotion smells really nice and fruity! 
I love it cause of its non-oily texture. It doesn't have that oily and sticky feeling
after applying it so after applying it you can get dressed immediately.

The Hydra Vegetal range are more suitable for those who have normal,
 combination and dehydrated skin. Not suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin 
as its ingredients are too rich and it might cause some breakouts.

I don't usually use perfume but this one smells really nice and flowery.
 (Don't know how to describe it in words but it just reminds me of petals and leaves)
I'm a really fruity and flowery person so this is just perfect for me!
It doesn't have that really strong musky smell which makes your nose stuffy.

As mentioned above, the Hydra Vegetal range is suitable for normal to combination skins.
I took the risk to try it out on my skin.

I've tried it out and it didn't suit my skin at all cause' I have sensitive skin and
acne prone skin so I consulted Yves Rocher's Skin Specialist/Consultant
and she was really nice to guide me through everything.

So I was asked to drop by Suria Mall to meet up with the Supervisor of Yves Rocher outlet.
She gave me a toner and a spot/blemish corrector and my God I love the products.
Really cheap and affordable prices compared to The Body Shop prices.

 Active Sensitive Derma-Soothing Toner 

 The toner is alcohol free and what surprises me is that it helps to reduce the heat
on the skin which will minimize the sensitivity of the skin too.
This cost Rm39.00 in Suria Mall so go grab it!
I definitely recommend this for people who has sensitive and acne prone skin.

 Pure System Blemish Corrector

This spot/blemish corrector is like a gift from heaven!
I was told this would help to cover up spots/blemishes/pimples on the skin
and it slowly dries up the acnes and slowly disappears leaving no scars.
This is suitable for all skin types and it only cost Rm39.00 and another good thing bout it is,
its perfect for travelling! Travel size pack! Oh and its Paraben free too!

(Photo taken during my Berhala Island trip in Sandakan last 2 weeks ago)

I have tried both the toner and spot corrector for almost 3 weeks now
and I'm so happy with the results. My acnes and spots are reducing and slowly
clearing up and my skin doesn't feel so congested anymore.

I would recommend those who are looking for skin care and beauty products
to check our Yves Rocher outlet in Suria Mall. Price range are really cheap and affordable!

Do check out Yves Rocher Malaysia page here!

***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for my face and skin.***


  1. The perfume bottle is so cute. I'd love to have whiff of it, i think it'd smell great. :D


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