Rock Climbing in Krabi,Thailand (Ao Nang, Tonsai, Railey, Phra-Nang Beach & Poda Island)

Yes as you read it above, rock climbing in Krabi!
A whole week of nothing but climbing and eating on the beautiful beaches of AoNang in Krabi.
Sun, sand, sea AND ROCKS! What more could you ask for?
Gonna make this post quick and simple for you guys.

  A few weeks ago,
Roy and I flew to Krabi to meet up with the team.The flight was a pain but it was worth going through all that sh*t. Landed safely in Krabi and the place where we stayed has provided us a pick-up transfer back to the villa. Had to thank Max and the gang for arranging the accommodations.

After settling down in the hotel, we immediately head out for some sight seeing and wall hunting.
Took a long boat from Ao Nang to Tonsai beach on the first day. Our mission was to get a guidebook for ourselves so we could get around without a guide.

Arrived at Basecamp Tonsai to do some quick window shopping and also to get our guidebook.
The book cost 800baht (Rm80) and it has all the information bout climbing to Deep Water Solo (DWS) in Thailand and Laos. Definitely worth it!

Hiking through a small jungle to get to Railey Beach.

One-Two-Three Wall in Railey Beach

Dinner time in Ao Nang after a long hot day of climbing.
Tom yam and Green Curry everyday!

The next day, we got up early so we could go climb in Tonsai before it gets packed.
Food hunting in Ao Nang is madness. Too much too pick and everything was just too good.

Quick breakfast nearby the jetty

Breakfast in Tonsai before heading off to Phra-Nang.

They call this the Cave of Love.

Lead climbing on an easy wall before the day got really hot and sunny.
Love how Phra-Nang beach has nice walls to climb but most of them were quiet hard.
Ranging from 6c - 8b+.

After days of climbing, its off for a day of Deep Water Solo-ing (DWS) in Poda Island!
Something we were all waiting for.

Picking out our shoes before heading out to the sea.

Can you spot me?

Last photo of me before ending this post!

Already missing Krabi and I really can't wait to go back again for another climbing trip.
Definitely an experience not to be missed. Beaches as beautiful as the ones you see in the tv and people are so friendly. Food is just to die for! Tom Yam Goong, Green Curry..Mouthwatering!
 Did I mention the banana Nutella pancakes and coconut shakes?
Its a must try when you get to Krabi.

Here are some of the info I'd like to share for those going to Krabi :

If you are planning to go climbing, my best suggestion would be to stay in Ao Nang.
You can choose to stay in Tonsai and Railey but it will be slightly more expensive to spend there but definitely closer to the walls. You can take a boat from Ao Nang to Tonsai, Railey and every other beach. It cost us each 100baht (Rm10) for a boat ride so be prepared to pay for boat rides everyday. Be prepared for A LOT of hiking and trekking as most of the walls in Tonsai are quite hidden. Bring a waterproof bag and lots of sunscreen. 

7th Edition Rock Climbing Guidebook by Elke Schmitz - 800baht (RM80)

Grab this book from Basecamp Tonsai. This will save you a lot of trouble and money.
Very informative book and if you're lucky, you might also get to meet the author of the book at the basecamp. Very friendly German lady who speaks fluent Thai. Ask all everything you need to know before heading out to climb. Oh and another thing, do get their Thaitanium Project  tshirt. Its a contribution to their Titanium Bolting project for the walls in Krabi. 

As for the Deep Water Solo (DWS), it cost each of us 700baht (RM70). Plan you DWS trip with Basecamp Tonsai. Much more worth it. Just purely 5 - 6 hours of climbing and also lunch will be provided as well. It will be at Poda Island.

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Oscar Villa 

A little hidden somewhere in Ao Nang but very nice place to stay.
Very friendly staff and good service provided while I was staying there.
Comfy, cozy villa just right by their infinite pool and its very quiet and peaceful away from town.
Talk to Sand or Wanna if you need any information or anything. They are VERY helpful and very down to earth. 
Love how it feels like home staying at Oscar Villa. Everyone is like family.

Address :
7/13 Moo 2, Tambon Aonang,
A. Muang, Krabi ,
81150 Aonang Beach, Thailand.

Tel : (66) 75 695 586, (66) 81 9686 038, (66) 85 8883 708 
Fax : (66) 75 695 682

(Photo credits to Roy, Max, Derrick and Agustin)

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informations about climbing in Tonsai etc, or anything else
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