RESPECT Fundraiser for Mountain Guides

Hey y'all!
Sorry for being MIA again.
My hometown (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) had been hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter Scale on the 5th of June 2015 which was just a couple of weeks ago.

It was on that very day, while I was waiting for Roy to pick me up for breakfast at 7.15am,
I felt the earth moving and heard my windows rattled. I looked outside to find my car and my mum's car shaking. At first, I thought a big truck was passing by the house then it took me 3 seconds to realize it was an earthquake. I was about to take cover under the table when it stopped after 5 seconds. I sat calmly on my couch giving myself some time to digest what was going on. Everyone started texting me if I felt the earthquake and ever since that day, I felt the aftershocks, tremors or whatever you call it until today.

What most of us felt wasn't that serious but little did I know that up in Ranau and Mount Kinabalu,
there were people killed and injured by the earthquake. Long story short, we have lost some lives up there and a few of them were 4 brave mountain guides.

Ropeskills Rigging have decided to do a fund raising event to help raise some money for the guides
families. Simon Amos and Edward Sinpa, the owners and founders of Ropeskills Rigging knew the guides and Simon was very close to the guides. The guides left behind their families and are no longer with any source of income to support their family. We knew we had to do something to help them.

Cracko Art did an amazing job with the murals tribute to those who lost their lives and sacrificed to help others. We went with our candles and open hearts to mourn and to be there for them. It was the most heart breaking and sad day for everyone in Sabah. A tragic day never to be forgotten but now a history to everyone in Sabah..

So , we gave ourselves some time to plan and setup the climbing centre for the fund raising event.
We've had so many people contributing, donating and supporting us and we were really excited to see what was gonna be the outcome of the event.

Vince and the team setting up the canvas and welding some bars for the activities.
It was a storm that day but it didn't stop us from getting our job done.

One the the supporters were from Kinabalu Fighters and Power Root and I cant thank them enough 
for being a part of this. They even donated water and coffee any many more stuff!
Thanks Julian! 

14th June 2015

We started at 10am and to my surprise, the cosplayers from KK Causeplay came and showed their support and love. It was fun having them around. A big thank you to Joanna for inviting the cosplayers and also making a special appearance with her Spider hubby. 

Max as Spider man and Joanna as Spider Gwen.
Thank you cosplayers for coming!

Meitzeu and her fiancé showed up and bought a lot of coffee and I mean A LOT of it.
We were selling off the Ah Huat coffee, Tongkat Ali Alicafe, Oligo and more.
It was selling for RM3(small box) and Rm5(big box) only. 

Charlotte and her hubby came too!
Thanks babe! 

The spiders giving it a go on the wall!

ISKIN Aesthetics Centre came, donated and participated on that day and it was so much fun having them around. Very friendly ladies!

Our climber friends who came that day to sell some yummy pastries and it was selling like hot cakes!

The force is strong!

The Body Shop donated some shower gels, hand creams and scrunches to be sold on the event day.
Everything was 50% off! BARGAIN!

There were more activities like blind and open auctions, face painting and climbing that were going on that day and the amount of people that showed up were just so overwhelming.

1 minute moment of silence to the fallen heroes as we sang Sayang Kinabalu.
I almost teared while singing. It was such a beautiful moment.

To our Heroes, thank you for everything you've done. 
Your sacrifices shall never be forgotten and may you Rest in Peace.

Our aim was to raise RM10k but up till today we still have donations flooding in and we have raised over Rm30k! We cant thank you guys enough for all the support and most importantly sticking together through these hard times. The RESPECT team can't thank you guys enough for your generous amount of support and love. Proud to be Sabahan!

(Photo credits to Joanna, Leo, Meitzeu, Charlotte and Kenji)
*Sorry for the blurry photos. All were taken by our phones.* 

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