Product Review : Ego QV Skincare (Part II)

***This is not a sponsored post***

 For all you people with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or any skin condition..
Fear not, I have something to share with you!

Introducing Ego QV Skincare! 

Ego Sun Sense , QV Gentle Wash Soap Bar, QV Gentle Wash, QV Cream, QV Face Night Cream, QV Face Day Cream 
& QV Face Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

I have been a loyal user of QV for over 6 years now and until today I can't get enough of their products. I blogged about this skincare before right here.
I had a mild eczema and acne vulgaris years ago and I was at the edge of giving up looking for something that will fix my skin problem and after discovering QV Skincare, my skin had never been healthier and smoother.

Im also very happy that their body range products are soap,colour and fragrance free.
These are also suitable for infants and also the elderly people.

Here's what I have that I always repurchase everytime it runs out!

All the extra stocks I bought in case I run out of them.

I always ask my sister who is currently living in Perth to bring some back for me since this is an Australian product and it's way cheaper to get it there than buying it here.Usually 1 bottle of the QV Gentle Wash last me for about 3 - 4 months since I'm only using it as a facial cleanser.
The creams lasts me for months as well.

I'm now waiting to get my hands on their new Oil Free Moisturizing Cream.
It stated that its suitable for oily and acne prone skin and that's exactly what I need.

Also the sport range which is not sold in Malaysia. (*cries*)
Read so many good reviews about the sport range and I'm itching to get some for myself.

You can check out Ego QV Skincare for more info!
I swear you wont regret getting this if you need something to soothe your sensitive skin.

***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for my face and skin.***


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