Product Review : The Therapy Anti-Aging CC Cushion (The Face Shop)

Happy New Year everyone!
Feels great to be back with another product review!

Trying out something different for the new year and I have decided that I wanna do a review on Korean products. 
I have been using a lot of Western Makeup products and skincare but I was thinking why not try out some Asian products since I have Asian skin and the products are made for our humid weather. 

I am not the biggest makeup fan because of my sensitive skin. I always breakout or my skin starts itching a lot if I used something that doesn't suit my skin. I love makeup and exploring brands and I thought a lot about Korean products since everyone is raving about it and its pretty affordable too! If you think about it, most Koreans go through plastic surgery and they need something that wont damage their skin so of course Korea will have to create something suitable for that problem and they did!

Okay, back to the review. 
I have always been a fan of The Face Shop and what I didn't know was that it was a Korean brand. 
I was quite surprised to find out only after many years of using it and not paying attention to it. 
I decided I needed something with light - medium coverage for my everyday makeup look and I heard about the famous CC Cushion.

The Therapy Anti-Aging Cushion (Rm115 I think)

Love how the packaging looks so vintage and so clean!
I'm a sucker for any Beige coloured packaging!


I don't know if you guys could see that tiny little mole on my hand but I tried the CC Cushion over it and I like how it covers it.
Not too much coverage but like I said a light - medium coverage.
(I think God purposely left that tiny mole on my hand so I could do a makeup test on it to see how well it covers up!)

The only issue I had was the amount in the CC Cushion.
 0.52oz for Rm115 is a little pricey for such a small amount. If you think about it, usually we pay more because of the packaging, not the product inside. Then again, I thought about how I could reuse the packaging by replacing it with a new sponge and filling it with my favourite foundation or BB/CC cream and also a new puff! Then I wont have to spend too much on getting a new CC Cushion. I hate to admit the packaging was really pretty and part of me got it because of it!

Think about it, Rm115 for 0.52oz of CC cream inside while I can get a full size foundation (1.0 Fl.oz/30ml) from Revlon for less than Rm70.
So , if you plan to spend your money on makeups, spend wisely and think of how often will you be using it and how much of it do you need.

For more info on The Face Shop, click here!
I'll be back with another review soon!

***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for my face and skin.***