Youtube and Malaysian Snacks

Months ago
I decided that I wanted to mail some unique food and snacks from Sabah to my favourite Youtubers, TabiEats.
They are known for trying out snacks, food and drinks from around the world and I figured, why not let them try out local stuff!
A bunch of us went food hunting to mail off to Tokyo, Japan and it was a crazy month for me as I had to go around a lot to get these snacks
and some were very hard to find but thanks to my friends and also my boyfriend, Roy for finding all the items on my list.

All these cost me Rm350 excluding the shipping fee.
So painful but worth the money shipping these over!

I bought 1 roll of cling wrap and surprisingly it managed to wrap everything inside PLUS the entire outside of the box!
Wrapped and taped tightly and we mailed it via DHL Express which cost me a lot of money but it was okay.
Thanks to Aaron and Roy for chipping in for the shipping fees it was safely mailed off to Tokyo!

I heard it only takes them less than 5 days to deliver to Japan and surprisingly, it arrived within 5 days! SO AMAZED!!
All we had to do now was wait for 3 months for them to review our box of food and snacks as they stated in their Youtube Channel.

In case you're wondering who they are, they are a couple of Japanese guys who happens to be a couple (very cute couple)
and they just love everything food and I have been following them for a year now and its pretty entertaining to watch them try out different things
and the expressions on their faces are priceless!

It was a crazy 3 months of waiting but so worth it!
So glad to open their eyes and taste palettes to trying out different things from our part of the country
and it was so fun to watch!

If you guys haven't watched it yet,
click here for Part I 
click here for Part II

Subscribe to their channel here and Like their videos if you guys love their videos!

Again, thank you everyone who were a part of this!
This wouldn't happen if it wasn't for you guys so thank you again!
FYI, I was not sponsored to blog about this but I just figured good things are worth sharing with everyone.