Chiu's - The Modern Local - at Market 88, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu

A few weeks ago,
I decided to try out a new place called Chiu's with Roy and some friends from Loca KK .
I heard from a lot of my friends that they serve really good food especially their Tortilla wrap!
So, here we are! Its located at Market 88, Kepayan.
Right opposite Check-In (The old Chateau).

Hello Mr.Loca (aka Jonathan)!

The man himself, Roy

Their famous cold brew called Chiu's Cold Brew aka CCB.
(I know what some of you guys are thinking and no its not that word)

Here's what we ordered :
Chiu's Tortilla Wrap (RM11)

It has chicken breast, Cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple, Romaine Lettuce, Gremolata,
tomato salsa, Tuhau Mayonnaise and Serunding Tuhau (aka Wild Ginger Floss) with a side of homemade potato chips.

A little small but this is pretty good! Very unique taste with the tuhau mayo and serunding tuhau.
Love how it has so much flavour!

Pumpkin Soup (Price N/A)

Roy ordered this and he said it was pretty good.
Gonna try this next time!

Soft Shell Crab Rice Bowl (Rm25)

Hill brown rice topped with fruit salad and deep-fried crunchy soft shell crab.

This is pretty good but portion wise is a little on the smaller side though so for those who are looking to eat light, 
this would be perfect for you.

Mushroom Risotto (Rm21)
Add on Grilled Chicken Breast (Rm4)

Hill brown rice topped with grilled chicken breast with gravy ,assorted mushrooms
and garnished with some Parmesan crust.

This is by far my favourite! I love anything with brown rice. Very healthy stuff and if you guys didn't know, I LOVE MUSHROOMS!
This is a huge portion so be sure to share this with someone or make sure you are really hungry so you can finish this.

Sweet Potato Fries (Price N/A)

Homemade sweet potato fries topped with Australian minced beef
and torched Mozarella cheese.

It was good but a little too oily for me. I love how chunky the fries were and also how big the portion was.
The only thing was that the fries felt like its completely soaked with oil when being served.

Chiu's Beef Rice Bowl (Rm23)

Hill brown rice topped with Grilled New Zealand Rib Eye 100g, Sunny Side Up egg, Tuhau Serunding
and pickled papaya.

I haven't tried this because its Jonathan's food but will try it out next time!

Overall, I am pretty happy with the food.
Love the healthy ingredients used in all their food and also loving the ambiance in the shop.
Good place to just sit and chill if you're looking for a quiet place to work.

For more info,click here!
You can also follow them on their Instagram here!