Hello Stranger Cafe , Riverson, Kota Kinabalu

Hey y'all!
I know you must be thinking "Wow! Another food review?"
or "Wow! 2 blog posts in a week?".
Yes I am back with another awesome food review for you guys!

Back in February,
I was attending an event in Riverson which is called the Jesselton Artisan Market
and I was planning to spend my day there shopping and just chill somewhere
for the weekends.

So I came across this new cafe called Hello Stranger and thought it was such a cool name!
I heard from some of my friends that their coffee and sandwiches were really good and really affordable
so I decided to pay them a visit. Long story short, I loved my first visit and also got to know the owners of the cafe
and they wanted to have the bloggers come and review the place.
So here I am, back with another review for you guys!

Love the setup of everything in the cafe.
Loving the interior and vibes in here.
Very simple and very clean!

Hello Stranger serves Asian fusion food which ranges from Vietnamese, Japanese to Western food.
The one thing which attracted me to their cafe is the Bánh mì.
Very simple, very tasty and portion was just perfect.

They also serve coffee and tea as well as cakes.

The price range for food is around RM8 to RM20. 
As for the drinks its about RM3 to Rm15.
Cakes are priced at RM12 per slice.
This place serves no pork and no alcoholic drinks as well.

Here are a couple of dishes that were prepared for us and I kid you not,
everything tasted really good!

Big Breakfast

The classic American breakfast.

Grilled Chicken Lemongrass Bánh mì

This is my favourite!
Love how juicy and tender the chicken was and how much flavour
was infused into the chicken and also the sandwich!
Very simple and yet so delicious!

Butter Chicken Linguine

I also love this!
I'm a sucker for buttermilk anything so this is just perfect!
I like that tiny hint of spiciness from the chilli padi and how creamy the sauce was.

Basil Chicken Don 

If you're a rice lover, you should give this a try.
I like how it has a unique taste from the basil and also the minced chicken.

Oyako Chicken Don

If you crave for Japanese rice bowls, you should try this!
Portion is quite big and I like how much stuff is in that bowl.

Iced Latte

I love how the latte is not too bitter or sour.
Its just perfect!

Shrimp Viet Summer Roll

This is something I have always wanted to try and finally got a chance to try.
Something very different from the usual spring roll and
I love how everything goes well together especially with the sauce!

Viet Cold Noodle Salad - Tofu

Anything salad is my favourite and what's best about this salad is that it has
tofu in it! I love how tasty the tofu is and how well everything goes together after mixing them all up.
I hardly go for cold food because I love having my food steaming hot but this is an exception.
This is good too!

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

I love how the curry taste but I just wished it was mixed with udon instead.
Not saying it wasn't delicious but I prefer udon when it comes to Japanese food.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict 

I didnt get to try this but the others did and I heard they said it was pretty good!
Salmon was served fresh and love how cute the presentation looked on the plate!

Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich

Mushroom and cheese always go well together no matter how they're served!
This was also one of my favourite!

Jap Chicken Curry Udon

 I like how juicy and tender the chicken was and also love how the curry is cooked perfectly.
Also love how big the portion is for this one too!

Y'all know there's always gonna be desserts so here are the cakes...
Ombre Cake

Lemon Cake

Matcha Honey Cream Cake


Prestige Cake

All I can say is I love cakes and my favourite has got to be the Matcha Honey Cream
and Prestige Cake because one has green tea and the other has chocolate!
I love all the cakes to be honest because they're all not that sweet which is a good thing!

How cute is this plate!!!

So, that wraps up for today's food review!
As always, we must take a group photo.

L - R : Charlotte, Margarette, Massy, Geraldine, Agnes, Sherrie, Me and Ken

I had so much fun reviewing this place.
Service was awesome and everyone were really friendly!
Food and drinks were good too. I highly recommend this place to everyone!

I did a vlog on that day so be sure to check it out!

(Photo credits to Massy)

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