Product Review: The Diva Cup

Hey y'all!
I'm back with another product review and this time its a different kind of review.
Its all about menstrual cups and period stories. Yes you've read it right, Period stories!
I will be reviewing on the different kinds of brands out there as well as other infos as well so ladies, 
stay tuned for this!

So here's a little history of my period condition.
(Warning! There will be a lot of T.M.I content in this)

When I was in high school (2002 to be exact), I suffered from very bad cramps,
VERY heavy bleeding and irregular period cycles.
When I say heavy, I meant by changing my pads at least 2 to 4 times a day
and not just any regular
pads but the EXTRA LONG NIGHT PADS. 
That was how heavy it was for me and even with them period panties
(back then they were grandma panties with a leak proof layer) 
I would still leak through them because of the heavy bleeding.

About the CRAMPS, 
I would usually be in pain days before my period, the first 3 days and after that it would be gone. 
Usually the cramps would be so bad that I would go home halfway through classes or training just because the pain was unbearable. 

As I got older, the cramps got worse. 
I would get cramps before, during AND after my period which was f**king ridiculous.
I would always take at least 3 days off from work because of this. 
The cramps were so bad that it would cause massive breakouts on my face, nausea, excessive sweating (aka Hyperhidrosis) and sometimes I would just pass out. I would throw up so much because it was so unbearable. I couldn't eat or sleep well until the entire cycle was over. I would cry so much because of the pain. My mum was so worried that she brought me to see a Gynecologist to see if anything was wrong. They scanned my lower abdomen and suspected I might have PCOS (aka Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or Endometriosis but thank God I didn't have any of them. Doctor just told me it might be a hormonal thing that was going on and prescribed me to be on contraceptive pills long term but I didn't want to do it. 


My body was getting worse as these hormonal thing that had been going for years triggered my Eczema and Acne Vulgaris and the bleeding was still as bad as before. So everytime I had my period, I would use a pad and my skin would itch so much that I would scratch them so much until it bled. 
I had to suffer with this for years and I always wished I didn't have to wear pads at all because they are the most uncomfortable thing in the world and they were and still are bloody expensive! 

Back then, pads were thick and bulky! 
Ugliest things ever and also I hate that I have to change them every single time and having to deal with the smell from the pads soaked with blood 
and I really hate them. I would get so self conscious bout this every time I'm out and about with my friends. 

FINALLY , I gave in to taking contraceptive pills and I was happy I did! 
My skin got better, I slept better, I felt better and my period was back to normal.
The cramps were on and off but was tolerable. As for the heaving bleeding issue, that needed some time.
I still had to use those extra long night pads but didn't have to deal with it as much as before.


I was on Youtube one fine day and I came across a few Youtubers reviewing on menstrual cups and other period stuff 
as well as sharing their stories which I can totally relate to. The thing that caught my attention was the fabric pads and menstrual cups! I was thinking to myself "Is this even practical?" , "How does this make my life easier?",
"How in the world do I fit a cup into my vagina? That thing is huge!".

After much consideration and lots of Youtube-ing, reading and researching, 
I decided to get myself a menstrual cup. I knew it wouldn't be cheap but I told myself that this might be something that might work for me  and help me save a lot of money! I texted my sister who stayed in Perth to mail me a menstrual cup and after a whole month of waiting, I received my very first menstrual cup which was The Diva Cup!

Phew...Sorry for the loooooong story but I have a reason behind the story.
So let's get on with the review!

This is The Diva Cup aka menstrual cup.
I know I'm a little late on the menstrual cup game but hey, I did it!
I have decided to get myself one and I must say that THIS WAS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE FOR ME!

I know there are lot of you out there with loads of questions to ask.
I will be listing out a bunch of questions and answers below to answer some of your questions.

So what is a menstrual cup?
Its basically a cup that you insert into your vagina or vaginal canal and bleed 
into during your period.

What is it made of?
It is made of natural un-pigmented silicone.

Is't safe?
Yes it is safe.

Does it hurt when you insert or take it out?
To be honest, it doesn't hurt as much but it does get a little tricky when you have to insert it correctly and making sure 
the cup is fully open and also making sure that you catch the bottom of the cup or tip so you can remove the cup.

Is it reusable?
Yes! It is a reusable cup that you can wash and keep!

How do I use it?
Well, there are a few ways of inserting the cup into the vagina and you can do this while you're standing, 
squatting or even in a sitting position. 
Just make sure to be relaxed or else it will make it difficult to insert.

Here's a few ways of inserting the cup :
The C-Fold method

That's method number 1.

Then we have the PUNCH DOWN FOLD which is my favourite method ...

This is method number 2 and I find this a lot easier to insert because it is not
as bulky as the first method. The slightly more narrow tip makes it easier to insert.

Actually there is another method called the 7-Fold method which I couldn't find the pictures
but you can Google or Youtube it to find out how to do that. You can also watch my video on
how to do the 7-Fold method.

So, another thing you need to know about is the tip at the bottom of the cup.
It is usually longer than what is shown on the picture. That's because I cut the tip off.
I didn't feel comfortable having the tip on the cup so I snipped off the tip.
You can leave it as it is if you feel comfortable with it.

How do I remove/take out the cup?
Well first, you need to make sure your nails are short and clean. 
You don't want any bacteria on your fingers while taking out the cup.
Then, stick your index finger in and try to feel the bottom or the tip of the cup.
When you feel the tip, pull it slightly lower so you can pinch the bottom of the cup.
(Just like how its shown in the picture above)
This is to release the suction from the cup against the walls in your vaginal canal.

Also, try to relax while doing this. When you are stressed out,
the muscles tends to contract so take a deep breath and take out the cup slowly. 
Just move it left and right to take it out.

How do you clean it?
Basically all you need is a mild soap.
Not antibacterial, not detergent but mild soap.
You can also use a feminine wash to clean it too!

How do I store it?
Just keep it in the little pouch that comes along with the cup when you purchase it.
As long as it is stored in a place with air flow, you're all good.

NOTE : Do not store you cup in a plastic or air tight container. 
This might prevent the moisture on the cup from evaporating and drying properly.

What are the ways of taking care of the cup?
Always remember this : 
Before and After your period, you must boil the cup in a pot full of water for approximately 5 minutes.
This is to sterilize the cup. This helps to kill any germs or bacteria that is on the cup.

Can I use it when I sleep?
Yes you can!

Can I use it during sex?
No you cannot because the cup is inside.

Do I need to take it out when I need to pee or poop?
You don't have to. You wont feel the cup anyways because its all the way inside.
Unless you need to empty your cup, I suggest you to take it out, 
empty it and wash it before inserting it.

How much does it cost?
My Diva Cup was from Perth and it cost $AUD 49.99.
(In MYR it would cost RM150-180)
I heard from another friend who lives in Canada saying it cost $CAD 30-40.

What size to get?
As stated on their website :
Size 1 :Recommended for women under the age of 30 
who have never delivered vaginally or by caesarean section.

Size 2 : Recommended for women age 30 and over and/or for women 
who have delivered vaginally or by caesarean section.

"There is not a big difference between the two sizes (Model 1 is 1/8" (~0.3 cm) smaller), but it is important to use the recommended sizing to prevent leakage. We recommend Model 2 if you are 30 years old or older even if you have not had vaginal childbirth or a c-section because as we age, our hips naturally widen and the vaginal muscles lose elasticity. Because the vaginal muscles hold The DivaCup in place, it is important to use Model 2 if you are over 30, even if you have not had children."

I'm 29 this year and the size 1 is just perfect for me and it doesn't seem to be 
giving me any problems or any discomfort.

Can I use it for sports such as swimming, hiking , etc ...?
Yes you can!

How long can I leave the cup in?
Maximum 12 hours.
You can take out the cup in between hours to empty the cup if you're a heavy bleeder.
If you're not then its okay to leave it in for up to 12 hours.

When do I dispose the cup?
According to the Diva Cup website, its stated :
"Silicone is not recyclable, but, since it starts out as sand, it degrades over time depending on the temperature, anaerobic activity and moisture in the landfill. This applies to all products made from silicone, like baby bottle nipples and toys. To dispose of your DivaCup, thoroughly wash the cup, cut it up into smaller pieces, and dispose in the trash.

We recommend that you inspect your cup regularly for signs of deterioration (such as a sticky or powdery film, severe discoloration or odor, etc.) or if you experience irritation. If for some reason your DivaCup starts to discolor or develop an odor you may want to consider replacing it or giving it a thorough cleaning by boiling it and washing it well with the DivaWash."

That's all I can share about the Diva Cup for now.
Quite a lot of questions have been answered for you!

You can check out my video here too if you're too lazy to read all that
but I'm sure by the time you reach this part of the review, you're done reading everything!

You can check out the Diva Cup website here!
Also, be sure to Subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet.
If you have any questions or stories bout your period or anything related to this topic, 
feel free to leave it down in the comment sections below!


  1. Very useful post indeed! I am always curious about it and your post answered most of my questions!

    1. I'm glad I could help! Now go and get yourself a cup! Hahaha!

  2. Wah what a detailed review, thanks Beverly! Poor you to have to suffer so much pain in the past, I can't imagine pain before, during and after the period!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for reading this long review babe! Yeah man, back then was hell!


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