Food Truck Gathering at Damai Multipurpose Hall | Kota Kinabalu

To all my foodies out there, this is for you!
Y'all know bout the Food truck hype going on around in KK for a while now
and I have good news for you.

Thanks to Estona Events and Promotions,
they have gathered the food trucks to serve you guys at the Damai Multipurpose Hall
to serve you during dinner time so for those of you who don't know where to eat or drink,
you know where to go now. The best part bout going there is PARKING!
There are loads of parking so you don't have to worry bout not having a place to park your car because at night, this place is empty so be sure to grab everyone and have dinner there.
There are a variety of food and drinks for you to choose from.

 Now unlike you guys,
I tend to not bring much cash around with me and it gets frustrating
when you need to go to the ATM and grab some cash and after a while,
money is all gone and you have to repeat the cycle again.

Most of the food trucks there offer payment via Boost app, which is super convenient
if you're someone like me who doesn't like bringing cash around all the time.
Not only that, some even offer payment via Maybank QR pay or AliPay.
How is that not convenient for everyone?

Alright, with that set aside,
let's move on to the food trucks!


Serving you a wide selection of luk-luk to choose from and also a few of their signature sauces 
to go along with it! 

I am a huge fan of the Sesame Oil Chilli!
So fragrant and spicy at the same time.

Seafood Mix Luk-Luk

Prices varies depending on the colour painted on the edge of the skewers.

2) Mario's Pizza & Bread
Instagram : mariospizzabread

If you feel like having Italian food for dinner, you can grab your pizzas, bread or pastas 
from Mario's! They have quite a bunch of selections for you to choose from.


If you never heard of Uncle Bob or tried it out, YOU BETTER GO THERE THIS WEEKEND!
This is one of our local favourites when it comes to fried chicken.
They make the best fried chicken!

XXL Fried Chicken Chop

This is the XXL Fried Chicken Chop. *drools*
If you don't feel like having too much chicken, you can opt for the Popcorn Chicken.
That is my go-to order whenever I'm craving for some fried chicken!

Instagram : kk.smoko

If you are a health junkie like me and you're always on the look out for juices,
this is the place to be. Smoko serves you freshly blended smoothies from Mango to Avocado
to Durian and lots more!

Mango Smoothie (RM 10.90)

Really refreshing on a hot night out!
Also try out their Papaya Milk Smoothie.

Instagram : meatandloafkk

If you've been around long enough for the food truck hype,
you'll definitely know who Meat & Loaf is.

If you don't, you need to head over to the food truck gathering and look for them.
They are known for their famous Magic Mushroom burger and Churros!

Magic Mushroom Burger (RM 13.00)

Toasty buns filled with their juicy homemade beef patty topped with cheese,
their famous mushroom sauce and also their delicious sweet onion jam.


These churros also comes with 2 kinds of dipping sauces for you to choose,
either its chocolate or caramel.


Coconut Shake (RM 7.00)

If you love waffles, you can grab this Coconut Shake + Waffle set for only RM 7.00.
This will definitely leave your tummy feeling happy!

Instagram : 70s_street_kitchen

Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong (RM 7.00)

If you feel like having rice for dinner, you have to try out this nasi lemak sambal sotong.
Very fragrant, slightly spicy and very flavourful.


Air Tebu (RM 4.00)

Freshly pressed sugar cane to quench your thirst!

Instagram :  indorecipe

Nasi Ayam Penyet (RM 9.50)

Love love love the sambal that goes with this entire dish!
This is perfect for those who are craving for a big plate of chicken and rice.
Portion is just massive!

Facebook : Fysal Food Truck
Instagram : fysalfoodtruck

Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah (RM 7.00)

Big fan of spicy curry chicken?
You can try out the Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah!
The chicken is really tender and really fragrant.

11) PUNK

Chocolate Cheese (RM 7.00)

I know some of you might have cravings for cheese drinks.
You can grab a cup of cheese chocolate if you are craving for chocolate.
They also have Pearl Milk Tea and Green Tea as well.

Facebook : MamaritosFudTrak
Instagram : mamaritosfudtrak

Double Cheese Burger (RM 11.00) and Vampire Tacos (RM 9.00)

If you love cheese burgers and tacos,
Mamaritos got you covered with their Double Cheese Burger and Vampire Tacos.
The taco comes with chicken, beef and lamb.

So, that concludes our food truck gathering meeting!
Look at all the food on the table!

Grab your friends and family and head on over to the food truck gathering this weekend!
Venue : Damai Multipurpose Hall
Time : 5pm - 10pm
Day : Friday to Sunday

FYI, the number of food trucks varies from time to time so be sure to
check out Estona Events and Promotions on their Instagram or Facebook
for more updates!


  1. I seriously wish I was there right now! All those food looks amazing!

  2. I love dining at food truck... )


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