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The Body Shop Makeover

Elaine and I got a free makeover voucher from The Body Shop and we decided to get a makeover instead of letting it go to waste. We went to Suria to get our makeover done.

I love how my makeup looks! (I dont usually put on makeup.but when I do..I LOOK DAMN GORGEOUS!)

Here's Elaine's makeover! She went for a much more natural and simple look!
After our little makeover, we went to Sutera Harbour. Its our favourite place to just sit and catch up. The view and the breeze is just amazing.

Before I forget, here's my OOTD.
Polka Dotted Top - Swapped Waist Clincher - The Attires' Attic  Tribal Tooth Nacklace - Red City, Centre Point Black Shorts - Citymall Ribbon Flats - Cotton On

Seeing stars

Got myself a new pair of contacts from Citymall! I saw this cute star printed contacts and I decided to try it out! These contacts are slightly thicker and harder. 15mm diameter.


Panda Printed Top - KL Vintage Necklace - Birthday Present High Waisted Denim Shorts - Swapped Braided Belt - Mum's Closet Snake and Claw Rings - Vincci
Well, that's all for now! Till then!


Product Review : Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Hey y'all! I'm here today with a product I have been eyeing on for a while now. I've been contemplating on which colour to get for my hair dye  and I have come down to a conclusion to get this!
Liese Bubble Hair Colour (Ash Brown)
Instructions behind the box.
These are the stuff that was in the box.
Here are the instructions on how to use this product..
That's how it looks after mixing it. (Do not shake the bottle too hard. You don't want to create foam in the bottle)

Then massage the foam into hair gently,  so the foam reaches the roots and inner layers of the hair. Massage gently and avoid tangling your hair.Comb it gently with your fingers. Once your hair is covered with foam, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes! 
After that, rinse it off slowly with warm water.  Shampoo thoroughly and use a conditioner or hair treatment. 
Apply this on towel dry hair. 
This is my look before and after. From the photo its not really obvious but after a week it gets slightly lighter. F…

First Giveaway

Hey hey hey!! I'm having my very first giveaway!

This is a the first DIY piece that I've made in my previous DIY projects.
So here's what you have to do..
1) Do a short post on this giveaway.  2) Leave your email and blog URL linking to your giveaway post. 3) I will randomly pick a winner using the random number generator (fair enough for everybody).  4) Lastly,wait for me to email you (If you are the lucky winner)!
Its just that simple!
Giveaway is only open to MALAYSIANS. Giveaway ends on 20th September 2010 at 11.59pm.
p/s : Item reviewed by Fashionista1001
*** Edited ***
Congratulations to Joanna James from Chabby's Life "Sigregu" for your entry in this giveaway!! Hope you'll like your prize!!  Stay tuned for more Giveaways in the future!

Going up

Hey y'all! Went rock climbing with some friends and boy IT WAS AWESOME! I'm really afraid of height but lemme say this again.. IT WAS AWESOME! It was such an amazing experience!
 It was so fun! It took me 10 minutes just to finish this climb. Such tricky rocks!!
 Here I am about to belay my friend, Meitzeu
And off she goes!
For more info, click here to find out more on the rock climbing scenes in KK!


Basic Tank top - Garage Sale High Waisted Denim Shorts - Swapped Braided belt - Mum's Closet


Just another boring lonely Saturday at home with my laptop and stalking some blogs just to pass the time. What oh what to do on a Saturday.


Floral Romper - Miss OCD Waist Clincher - The Attires' Attic Snake Ring - Vincci Vintage Necklace - Birthday present