Monday, February 21, 2011

Blood Donation

As ya'll know I went for a blood test a few days back..
Well..a few days after that I decided to go for a blood donation
 in Likas Hospital. I love donating blood! I get to save lives and 
also I get to regenerate new healthy clean blood! My pimples are all gone 
after the blood donation and no I dont gain weight from donating blood.
 (for those who kept saying it will)

Manage to snap a few pictures during this whole process! 

Went to check my Haemoglobin level (HB)
to see if I'm qualified to donate my blood.

The needle was HUGE but funny how I don't feel a thing
compared to my blood test needle... =.='''
Filled up the whole pack in less than 20mins!

After everything was done, the nurse sticked a band aid
and this time I dont get a cute band aid like the last time.. >.<
But instead I got a certificate for donating more than
3 times! Woohoo! So proud of myself! xD

Be sure to get yourselves checked and make sure to
go for an annual checkup to keep track of your health! =)
Till next time!


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