Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sapi Island, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Last 2 weeks ago, 
Meitzeu, her fiancée and I went to Sapi Island
for a little getaway trip just to relax and since she's never been 
to Sapi Island so decided to make a stop there!

 It was such a nice sunny Sunday morning and we were
all like happy little kids getting all packed up for our little island trip!

 Did I mention that Meitzeu is
the winner for "The Big Flight" contest organized by MAS A380.

Clear blue sea water

Meitzeu even made egg sandwich and brought along NUTELLA!

I know right!

I finally found an occasion to
 wear my Oversized Lace Back top from Supre!

Tankini - Australia
Floral shorts - ASOS
Laced Back Top - Supré 

Had to camwhore before I relax! 

 Was a really fun day! I went snorkeling and also played 
frisbee on the beach with Meitzeu.

 Jumping shot is a must!

I just love these signs!

Everytime I come to Sapi Island I will never miss a chance
to take a picture with these signs! Looks really cool!

Oh and I also met a few friends on the island!
Me and Kelly
(Ex highschool classmate)

Me and Dickson
(Another climber and also a diver)

At the end of the day, I had a really nice tan!
I can't wait for the next trip! Excited already just thinking about it!

Check out our first Vlog!

*Picture and Video credits to Meitzeu*

Monday, June 18, 2012

The BIG Flight by MAS A380

Last month, Meitzeu was selected as 1 of the 10 bloggers in Malaysia 
by MAS A380 to be part of "The Big Flight" contest. Lucky her!!

So the theme given was "Special Skill" and she picked writing as her special skill. 
She asked me to help her out with the video and I felt so honoured! 
I've always loved helping out with recordings and filming!

So, we decided to film everything back at her place and I did 
the story boarding before recording everything. It was kinda 
stressful at first cause' of the weather and the lighting was just screwed up
but we decided to improvised and it was all good at the end!

Below are some of the scene shots for the video...

We aim to make the video as simple as possible 
with no talking required and only writing. 

The best part is..SHE WON!
 Didn't expect the video we made actually won!
But too bad we couldn't attend the launching of MAS A380
but hey they sent her some prizes too!

I got this from Meitzeu!
Thank you so much for the awesome pressie!

Below is the video we both did! Enjoy!

(Picture credits to Meitzeu )

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Daddy, Happy Father's Day ♥


There are so many things I want to tell you but just don't know where to start.
Every day goes by, the thought of you remains. Sometimes I even
see you in my dreams and you looked so happy. So many times when I 
drove back home, I would be expecting to see you by the couch watching 
TV and just enjoying your time but those days are over.

Looking at our old place and the place that we grew together as 
a family is no longer the same. We have moved out as mom said that the 
house was just way to big for us and also no longer safe. 
Moving out was the hardest decision she's ever made but we knew that 
life goes on so we did. Change is something good for us but it was 
hard to accept it. Leaving behind all our memories was all that was in my head. 

Though as we grew older we hardly talk much but you took notice of 
every single detail that was happening around. Hate to admit that 
I regret every single day of my life for not spending enough time with you 
thinking you'd be there for us all the time but no. The day when you lay there 
with your eyes closed was the hardest thing that life had to hit us with. 
Letting go of the past was seriously the hardest thing we had to go through 
but you made us grew closer as a family. 

I will never forget that smile that I use to see from the day I was born. 
Thinking back on the places you use to take us to when we were kids. 
The adventure we use to have during our road trips and the moments we shared. 
I even remember when you taught me how to drink when I was 11 and changing a car tyre. 
It was the coolest thing a dad could ever teach her daughter at a young age! 
Time flew by real fast and hope you're doing fine. 
Forever missing you and I you Daddy! 

Happy Father's Day to all ya awesome Daddies! 

Your loving daughter