The BIG Flight by MAS A380

Last month, Meitzeu was selected as 1 of the 10 bloggers in Malaysia 
by MAS A380 to be part of "The Big Flight" contest. Lucky her!!

So the theme given was "Special Skill" and she picked writing as her special skill. 
She asked me to help her out with the video and I felt so honoured! 
I've always loved helping out with recordings and filming!

So, we decided to film everything back at her place and I did 
the story boarding before recording everything. It was kinda 
stressful at first cause' of the weather and the lighting was just screwed up
but we decided to improvised and it was all good at the end!

Below are some of the scene shots for the video...

We aim to make the video as simple as possible 
with no talking required and only writing. 

The best part is..SHE WON!
 Didn't expect the video we made actually won!
But too bad we couldn't attend the launching of MAS A380
but hey they sent her some prizes too!

I got this from Meitzeu!
Thank you so much for the awesome pressie!

Below is the video we both did! Enjoy!

(Picture credits to Meitzeu )


  1. *thumbs up* bev, nicely done! Keep it up! =)

    Check out my blog too :

  2. Awesome work bev! A job well done! :D


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