Pixie Lott Showcase 2012, 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu

Hey hey hey!
Happy Tuesday y'all! 
I'm back with another post as promised!

Last 2 weeks ago,
Pixie Lott came to KK for her showcase and thank God I was able to be part of the event
thanks to Dino and also Breeze Magazine for giving me a chance to be their crew
and also photographer for this whole event!

Hitz.fm was giving out free showcase passes for 1 week and I've tried calling in but couldn't. Instead DJ Farhan called me up to get me to say a few words about Pixie Lott!  
Even Charlotte wanted the tickets so bad!

So yeah I managed to grab a crew and media pass for this event and was assigned to snap some pictures with an intern. It was a really humid evening and we were all sweaty and sticky 
but hey we get to see Pixie Lott live!! 

Stage setup nicely with red ribbons!

Crazy cats waiting for Pixie
(Pixie calls her fans "Cats" cause' she loves cats)

The front seats were for the meet and greet winners, 
Universal Music Malaysia, Media as well as Hitz crew and VVips!

Me and DJ Farhan
(I look so chubby and sweaty..=.=)

Hitz.fm and AMP crew

Hitz.fm crew

Before Pixie came out to perform, 
Roger Wang was on stage doing some tuning with his guitar! 

Suddenly, Pixie started singing backstage and then went on stage!

The cats and I all went crazy!  Boy does she look gorgeous!
Roger Wang performed together with her and they both sound amazing!
I just love it when Pixie sings live!

After a short break,
Rica came on stage to invite a few birthday babies on stage. 

Pixie gave them bouquet of flowers and also a card autographed!

After the whole performance,
it was time for the meet and greet session as well as the autograph session on stage!

Hannah and her friend together with Charlotte getting queued up to go on stage to get her autograph!

Happy fans of Pixie!

Too bad I didn't get a chance to go on stage to get her autographed cause' 
I was too busy running around taking pictures for the event but at least Charlotte got Pixie to sign on my CD.

Bumped into a few friends that night!

Helda and Roger

Leanna and her younger sister

For more pictures, click here!


  1. wowowowow~ how nice can be a crew!!!! WELL DONE xd

  2. a week before i go to jay park showcase =,=

    oii remember me ka ? =)

  3. Lawa oh si Pixie Lott and Helda and that girl with Captain America tshirt :D


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