Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beauty Tips : How to clean your Makeup Brushes

Hey y'all!
I'm back with another post! As promised,
I'm back with a short post on How to clean your Makeup Brushes/Sponges/Tools.

Watsons Eyelash Curler, Ecotools Kabuki Brush, Artistè Rounded Powder Brush,
MAC Stippling Brush, Elianto Foundation Brush, Artistè Rounded Smudge Brush,
Artistè Angled Liner Brush, Maybelline Gel Liner Brush, Ecotools Smudge Brush ,
Watsons 2 in 1 Eyebrow Brush & Comb and Beauty Blender.

Above are the most basic brushes/tools I always use to apply my makeup on.
I always think its important to clean your brushes once a week so bacteria won't stick 
on to your face when you use the brush. I have this OCD thing so I like to clean them every week.

You will need :
- A shallow bowl
- Gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo
- Your sink
- A lint free cloth

Instructions :
1. Begin by running your brushes under lukewarm water, rinsing out all of the residual makeup. 
Try to focus on the actual bristles while avoiding the part of the brush 
where handle meets the head, as this can loosen the glue over time.

2. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a squirt of shampoo, and gently swirl your brush tip in the water.
 If you need to, you can also swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to work up a lather.

3.Rinse the brush tip under running water once again. 
Repeat steps two and three until the water runs clear from the brush,

4.Use a cloth to wipe your brush clean, reshaping the bristles as you go.

5.Lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry.

You can also try using some other brush cleansing shampoo from the market 
but using this method is the most CHEAPEST way to clean your brushes!

I got this tip from here!

Beauty Blender

In case you're wondering what this is?
Its called the Beauty Blender which I just simply adore and love so much!
This works as well as a stippling, foundation brush. 

How do you use it?
You can use it to apply your foundation, concealer and powder.
I usually apply my foundation with my fingers all over my face first. 
After that, dampen then Beauty Blender and dry it with a towel.
Make sure its not too dry cause you need the sponge to be slightly damp.
Just dab the sponge all over your face to even out the foundation using the bigger surface
for bigger areas and the pointy tip for your under eyes and around your nose.
It works exactly like the stippling brush! 

How do you clean it?
Just use an Anti-Bacterial Soap to wash it.
Make sure to keep squeezing the sponge until the soap is all drained from the soap.
Then, air dry it and you're all done! 
Its that simple!

Click here for more info!

Watsons Eyelash Curler

Usually I would clean this tool with an Alcohol Pad which you can purchase from the pharmacy 
or any drug store such as Watsons or Guardian. Just use the pad to wipe all over it and its all clean! 
I use the alcohol pads for my tweezers as well.

Tea Tree Oil Anti-Bacterial Spray

This is my favourite! 
Its a really simple way to keep all your makeup brushes clean and sanitized as well as bacteria free.
This spray is useful for many other stuff too such as for insect bites, facial spray,
itchy scalps and many more! Click here to find out more! 

What do you need?
- 100ml spray bottle
(Any size would do actually)
- Tea Tree Oil 
(You can get the Tea Tree Oil from any pharmacy)
- Mineral Water
(Because its clean unlike tap water which is really contaminated)

Instructions :
1. Fill the spray bottle with mineral water.
2. Put in 5 - 6 drops of Tea Tree Oil into the spray bottle.
(The amount of drops depends on the size of the spray bottle)
3. Shake the bottle and there you go! 

You can spray it on your pillow cases, brushes, clothes or anything 
that you want to keep it bacteria free!

Click here for the tutorial! 

(Image source from Google)

Another way to keep your brushes in shape, you can try out The Brush Guard!
I always use them after washing my brushes so the bristles doesn't open up like a flower.
Just slip the brushes in from the handle side and put them all the way 
until the brush part is secured in the guard. Its that simple!

(Image source from Google)

I am selling them so do drop me a message for those who are interested!
You can also leave a comment on how you clean your brushes!
I would love to find out more ways to keep them clean!

Oh, did I mention that I'm gonna be selling makeups including the Beauty Blender?
Stay tuned for that! Will keep you guys posted on this.

Hope this is really helpful!
Remember, clean brushes means clean face!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Product Review : ModBox - The Most Affordable Beauty Box In Malaysia (November 2013)

Hey y'all!
Recently I was browsing through the web and I was desperate to look for Dermedex products.
I mentioned about one Dermedex product before in one of my product reviews here and
 IT IS SIMPLY AN AMAZING PRODUCT! Its like a miracle potion!

Where did I find it?
Well, I found it at the ModBox website!
I previously read about the ModBox from my friend Cynthia from Your Shopping Kaki.
I'm a HUGE fan of YSK and I love reading reviews about websites and products.

 *click for better view*

Modbox is another beauty box I just discovered and I love their website!
Everything is pretty affordable. The best part is they have Dermedex products which is something
that is REALLY hard to find especially in Malaysia. Even if you can find it, its pricey!

Love the simple layout of the page.
User-friendly and unlike other pages I've seen, its just a mess.

So what do they have in their website?

*click for better view*

They have their very own ModShop!
Now, one thing I love most about beauty box websites is that they have a shop where they
sell the products they sent in their beauty boxes.

 This is good! Why?
Because that's when people discover what they need and what suits them and they can
immediately head over to that particular website to repurchase the item in full size!
I am one of those user who is always searching for good products that suits my needs.
ModBox is definitely on my favourite list!

I'm not being bias here but I'm being very honest. Most of my friends know how bad
my skin condition is and after discovering ModBox, its like a the best thing ever happened!
What I need it listed in their shop!

*click for better view*

 I love the cute icons on their information page!
Pretty, simple and easy to understand!

*click for better view*

Here's what you have to do.
During your purchase for your very own beauty box, they will ask you to select an item.
As you can see, I have chosen the Dermedex product. They will need you to select 3 items from the list and then they will customize your very own box.

Before the end of everything, you can add on one extra product/item into your box.
I added a brush into my box!

*click for better view*

This is how it looks after everything is done! Simple and easy right?
Shipping fees are quite reasonable unlike other websites which are ridiculously expensive.
Just shipping to East Malaysia, it costs RM15. How crazy is that?

So, after all that..

It was kinda late but I love how friendly the ModBox crew were.
They emailed me to inform and apologize for the delay.
Now that's what I call service! Which is why I think they deserve a review!

This is how the packaging looks like!
I was giggling when I opened up my parcel! Really cute box!

Dermedex - Biotox Cleanser & Refining Cream 2, 
Human Nature - Moisturizing Shampoo with CreamFoam (Lush Vanilla),
Ronasutra - 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder (04 Honey) 
& Ronasutra - Kabuki Brush (RM 38.00).

I'm so happy everything is is good condition!

Look at the lovely card I got! This really made my day even better!

Why am I crazy about this product?
Well, its because of this my skin became better and that allows me to use QV Skincare products.
QV Skincare products works amazingly on my skin as well! You can read it here!
Its for all skin type. If you don't believe me, you can try out their challenge pack.
I kid you not, you can see results in 3 days. 

Previously, I talked about this 2-in-1 Mineral powder in my product reviews. 
You can read about it here!

Look what came in the box?
A discount voucher! This is behind the Ronasutra card!
I can't wait shop with them again!

This is one of the best mineral powder I have used so far which is suitable for my sensitive skin.
I have a Combination and Acne Prone skin and this works just well for it.
I add on a retractable Kabuki Brush at the end of my purchase and finally I have it!
Always wanted to get the brush and NOW I HAVE IT! *evil laughter*

I love how they made the Kabuki Brush specially for people with sensitive skin.
I hate using sponges or puffs though people said its better for my skin but it feels cakey when I use it
to apply my powder. This brush is just the thing I need!

I love the scent for the shampoo!
I love it when my hair smells really nice after a shower and after blow drying it!
Who wouldn't like it when people tell you that your hair smells nice right?
Can't wait to see what they have for the December Beauty Box!

Click here to purchase your very own ModBox!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beauty Tips : Shelf Life of Makeup

This is something I always wanted to share with everyone!
I was never a makeup person back then but now, after attending a makeup beauty workshop,
I learnt proper ways to take care of my face and ESCPECIALLY my makeups!

If you didn't know, makeups have an expiration date.
Certain products have longers shelf life while others have shorter ones.

Here's my dressing table.
I know its a mess but I like to keep everything in boxes if you notice so it looks like its organised.

So, we all love buying makeups and LOADS of them but sometimes we even forget
that we had them so you decided to use it so it doesn't go to waste.

I use to be like that until one day I found out the cause of my breakouts and allergies.
Its from the makeups I have lying around which were old and new.
I read up on how to keep track of my makeup shelf life.

Revlon ColorStay 24hr Foundation, The Body Shop Volume Mascara,
e.l.f Makeup Pallette, Chanel Lip Pencil, e.l.f 2 in 1 Highlighter & Concealer,
Maybelline Gel Liner, Inglot Pencil & Crayon Liners, 
Benefite Bad Girl Crayon Liner and e.l.f Lip Exfoliator.

As you can see here, I selected a few items above which I always use.
I have labelled each individual products with a small orange sticker and scotch tape.

I always list down the month and year of the product I bought and stick the label 
on that particular product.

Eyeshadow : If experience is any indicator, powder eyeshadow will probably outlast the brushes and sponges it comes with. That being said, it’s a good idea to toss it out after a couple of years.
 Cream eyeshadow definitely needs to be thrown out after a year and a half, max.

Eyeliners : There’s a big difference in the shelf life of eyeliners when it comes to liquid versus pencil or push-up. While pencil and push-up eyeliners can be safely kept around for two years, liquid eyeliner should be tossed out after six months, max.

Foundation : Oil-free foundations are usually the first to go. If you’ve had yours for a year now, think about tossing it because as time goes by, it becomes less effective. Any foundation you have that smells funny, is starting to separate or dry out, should be tossed immediately. Cream or compact foundations will last a little longer – up to a year and a half. To cut down on the risk of bacterial infections, 
be sure to wash all foundation sponges once a week.

Concealer : Stick concealers can be kept anywhere from a year to a year and a half. 
 As with foundation, if your liquid concealer begins to smell funny, separate, 
or become lumpy then toss it out and pick up a new one.

Mascara : The shelf life of mascara is very short, only three to six months.
 You definitely want to keep an eye on your mascara because of all makeup, it’s one of the easiest to pass on a bacterial infection with. If you ever contract pink eye, throw out all eye products used on that eye, 
and don’t use new ones until the infection has cleared up.

Lipstick : I’ve separated lipstick from lip-gloss because the two, while both lip products, 
are made quite differently. Lipstick has a long shelf life, up to four years. Sometimes small bubbles of moisture will appear on the surface, but don’t let that put you off.  Lipstick still good as long as it doesn’t smell rancid or isn’t dried out.

Lip-gloss : On the other hand, lip-gloss doesn’t last quite as long – two years at most.
 This is due to being formulated differently. If you notice your lip-gloss becoming lumpy or separating, 
then it’s a good idea to toss it and buy another.

Always remember to clean your makeup bag at least once a month!
Clean your brushes/sponges/tools at least once a week and if possible, keep everything sanitized.
I will be back with a post on how to clean your brushes and keeping them free from bacteria!

I got these info from Women On Life website. Really helpful!
You can read more from Women On Life for more interesting stuff!
I love reading their pages! Loads of good infos.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Shopaholics Bazaar 2013 : Chapter 3 (Dewan Masyarakat Kota Kinabalu aka KK Community Hall)

Hey hey hey y'all!
Shopaholics Bazaar 2013 is finally over!
So glad that everything went well but not really as planned though but still all is well! 
Really happy with the outcome!

(Day 1)

October 31st 2013 (Halloween Day ) was our setup day.
Banners and buntings were done and were ready to go up!
Roy and Tai came to help tie up the banners for us which we were really grateful.

What went wrong was the tables that arrived were not the size we ordered and as for the carpet,
the condition was REALLY bad!! We didnt have much time on our hands so we just
went with whatever we had. Space was so limited as well as the tables and crew.

(Day 2, 3 & 4)

I had to work that Friday morning and I heard there was a little chaos going on
 but I'm so proud of Charlotte and Michell for handling it well!
Really couldn't have done all of this without them!

Titi brought along her two little helpers which was her daughters!
They are such cutie pies! Hyper and happy kids!

Maguro and Alyssa at the front booth.
It has been a while since I've seen them and it was fun catching up with them.

I went for a blood donation which we invited from Hospital Queen Elizabeth (HQE).
The last time I donated was in June 2013 and for the past 2 months
I didn't pass the BP (Blood Pressure) and HB (Haemoglobin) test.
Glad I managed to donate some this time. Desperately need to get rid of the old blood!

After that, I went around to keep an eye on things in case anyone needs anything.
Saw a lot of really cool items on sale!

Elaine and her friends participated in this event as well!
Their stuff went like DIRT CHEAP and really nice stuff they got!

3D Bags for sale!

This is my booth!

I bought 3 small cotton baskets and just dumped all my stuff inside.
Everything I sold was from Rm5 - Rm50 only.
Most of my things were brand new or worn once.

There was this one particular booth which was the main attraction of the whole event.
That booth was Mieko Henna Tattoo. The artist was this one quiet girl
with such a big talent for henna art! You should really check out some of the photos
that I took of her awesome henna art.

I got a dream catcher henna on the first day of the event.

Then Charlotte, Maguro and I went around to check out some stuff
and these bags really caught our attention! I bought the Domokun 3D bag for myself!
After I uploaded this photo on Instagram, a lot of people whatsapped me for the price.

Charlotte, Michell and I decided to grab come ice creams from VedaBlu.

This is the best tart I ever eaten since I was a little kid.
This is called Ngau Si Tart (Cow Sh*t Tart) aka UFO Tart.

Why its called Ngau Si Tart or UFO tart?
Its because of its shape of the cream on top and also because of the packaging
which looks like a UFO shape. The best part about the tart is the custard inside it.
Small but really delicious!

This tart is actually made by someone from Sandakan.
Their shop is in Taman Iramanis. The shop right beside Klinik Malaysia.

My mum has always been my biggest supporter and I'm really blessed
that she has always been supporting me in everything I do.
Really happy she came and visit the event. Even she bought a lot of the UFO tarts!

Faisal, Danielle and Leilana came to support the event as well.
They got themselves some henna tattoo as well!

Charlotte's accessories were really nice and SUPER CHEAP!

Our makeup products for sale.
We are in the midst of setting up our page for our makeups!

Our money basket!

UFO Tarts and Portugese Egg Tarts almost sold out.
Everyday, everything sells out pretty fast!

This tourist from China came all the way from her backpackers down the street
just to get a henna tattoo. Love the huge dream catcher detail on her back!
Really beautiful!

I met this little kiddo who stood right beside me and kept staring at the lady doing
my henna and he wanted one. She drew him on small ring and I couldn't resist
not taking a photo with him! He is such a cutie!

My henna tattoo! Cool right?

(Picture credits to Massy)

Met Massy at the event!
Thanks for dropping by Massy!

Meitzeu came with her bf to support our event!
Dino came as well! He came as part of the Breeze Magazine team.

Really couldn't have done this without the boys help
and ESPECIALLY Michell! She made this all happen for us!

Roy came to donate some blood!
We just have this thing for blood donation.

Breeze Magazine team!

Charlotte's 2nd henna tattoo of a beautiful peacock!

A must take photo of us from every event we organised!

Got this Cupcake Soap from the vendors.
Thank you girls so much for the lovely gift!

This is also a must take photo every year!
I feel like a giant every time we take a photo together.

Here's my loot from the Shopaholics Bazaar 2013..
Ombre Sweater (Rm35) and Peace Sign Tank Top (Rm25)

Anti-Acne Herbal Mask (Rm10 per box), Beauty Queen Mask (Rm2 each),
Sexy Look Essence Mask (Rm2 each), Kameria Mask (Cant remember how much), 
Osimej Eye mask (Rm1.50 each), Foot Moisturising Mask (Rm3), 
Foot Peeling Mask (Cant remember the price too)

Peacock Feather Necklace (Rm5), Fish Bone Chocker (Rm4) , 
Seashell Necklace (Rm5) and Infinity Bracelet (Rm13)

Starbucks Bali Tote Bag (Rm8) & Domokun 3D bag (Rm50)

Forgotten about the Domokun 3D bag once I uploaded this photo.
Will update the photo soon!

Would like to thank all our 
and most importantly EVERYONE who came and made this all possible!

For more pictures, click here!
For more info, just click here to be directed to Pretty Wild Diva page!
For more info about Breeze Magazine, click here!