Shopaholics Bazaar 2013 : Chapter 3 (Dewan Masyarakat Kota Kinabalu aka KK Community Hall)

Hey hey hey y'all!
Shopaholics Bazaar 2013 is finally over!
So glad that everything went well but not really as planned though but still all is well! 
Really happy with the outcome!

(Day 1)

October 31st 2013 (Halloween Day ) was our setup day.
Banners and buntings were done and were ready to go up!
Roy and Tai came to help tie up the banners for us which we were really grateful.

What went wrong was the tables that arrived were not the size we ordered and as for the carpet,
the condition was REALLY bad!! We didnt have much time on our hands so we just
went with whatever we had. Space was so limited as well as the tables and crew.

(Day 2, 3 & 4)

I had to work that Friday morning and I heard there was a little chaos going on
 but I'm so proud of Charlotte and Michell for handling it well!
Really couldn't have done all of this without them!

Titi brought along her two little helpers which was her daughters!
They are such cutie pies! Hyper and happy kids!

Maguro and Alyssa at the front booth.
It has been a while since I've seen them and it was fun catching up with them.

I went for a blood donation which we invited from Hospital Queen Elizabeth (HQE).
The last time I donated was in June 2013 and for the past 2 months
I didn't pass the BP (Blood Pressure) and HB (Haemoglobin) test.
Glad I managed to donate some this time. Desperately need to get rid of the old blood!

After that, I went around to keep an eye on things in case anyone needs anything.
Saw a lot of really cool items on sale!

Elaine and her friends participated in this event as well!
Their stuff went like DIRT CHEAP and really nice stuff they got!

3D Bags for sale!

This is my booth!

I bought 3 small cotton baskets and just dumped all my stuff inside.
Everything I sold was from Rm5 - Rm50 only.
Most of my things were brand new or worn once.

There was this one particular booth which was the main attraction of the whole event.
That booth was Mieko Henna Tattoo. The artist was this one quiet girl
with such a big talent for henna art! You should really check out some of the photos
that I took of her awesome henna art.

I got a dream catcher henna on the first day of the event.

Then Charlotte, Maguro and I went around to check out some stuff
and these bags really caught our attention! I bought the Domokun 3D bag for myself!
After I uploaded this photo on Instagram, a lot of people whatsapped me for the price.

Charlotte, Michell and I decided to grab come ice creams from VedaBlu.

This is the best tart I ever eaten since I was a little kid.
This is called Ngau Si Tart (Cow Sh*t Tart) aka UFO Tart.

Why its called Ngau Si Tart or UFO tart?
Its because of its shape of the cream on top and also because of the packaging
which looks like a UFO shape. The best part about the tart is the custard inside it.
Small but really delicious!

This tart is actually made by someone from Sandakan.
Their shop is in Taman Iramanis. The shop right beside Klinik Malaysia.

My mum has always been my biggest supporter and I'm really blessed
that she has always been supporting me in everything I do.
Really happy she came and visit the event. Even she bought a lot of the UFO tarts!

Faisal, Danielle and Leilana came to support the event as well.
They got themselves some henna tattoo as well!

Charlotte's accessories were really nice and SUPER CHEAP!

Our makeup products for sale.
We are in the midst of setting up our page for our makeups!

Our money basket!

UFO Tarts and Portugese Egg Tarts almost sold out.
Everyday, everything sells out pretty fast!

This tourist from China came all the way from her backpackers down the street
just to get a henna tattoo. Love the huge dream catcher detail on her back!
Really beautiful!

I met this little kiddo who stood right beside me and kept staring at the lady doing
my henna and he wanted one. She drew him on small ring and I couldn't resist
not taking a photo with him! He is such a cutie!

My henna tattoo! Cool right?

(Picture credits to Massy)

Met Massy at the event!
Thanks for dropping by Massy!

Meitzeu came with her bf to support our event!
Dino came as well! He came as part of the Breeze Magazine team.

Really couldn't have done this without the boys help
and ESPECIALLY Michell! She made this all happen for us!

Roy came to donate some blood!
We just have this thing for blood donation.

Breeze Magazine team!

Charlotte's 2nd henna tattoo of a beautiful peacock!

A must take photo of us from every event we organised!

Got this Cupcake Soap from the vendors.
Thank you girls so much for the lovely gift!

This is also a must take photo every year!
I feel like a giant every time we take a photo together.

Here's my loot from the Shopaholics Bazaar 2013..
Ombre Sweater (Rm35) and Peace Sign Tank Top (Rm25)

Anti-Acne Herbal Mask (Rm10 per box), Beauty Queen Mask (Rm2 each),
Sexy Look Essence Mask (Rm2 each), Kameria Mask (Cant remember how much), 
Osimej Eye mask (Rm1.50 each), Foot Moisturising Mask (Rm3), 
Foot Peeling Mask (Cant remember the price too)

Peacock Feather Necklace (Rm5), Fish Bone Chocker (Rm4) , 
Seashell Necklace (Rm5) and Infinity Bracelet (Rm13)

Starbucks Bali Tote Bag (Rm8) & Domokun 3D bag (Rm50)

Forgotten about the Domokun 3D bag once I uploaded this photo.
Will update the photo soon!

Would like to thank all our 
and most importantly EVERYONE who came and made this all possible!

For more pictures, click here!
For more info, just click here to be directed to Pretty Wild Diva page!
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