Beauty Tips : Shelf Life of Makeup

This is something I always wanted to share with everyone!
I was never a makeup person back then but now, after attending a makeup beauty workshop,
I learnt proper ways to take care of my face and ESCPECIALLY my makeups!

If you didn't know, makeups have an expiration date.
Certain products have longers shelf life while others have shorter ones.

Here's my dressing table.
I know its a mess but I like to keep everything in boxes if you notice so it looks like its organised.

So, we all love buying makeups and LOADS of them but sometimes we even forget
that we had them so you decided to use it so it doesn't go to waste.

I use to be like that until one day I found out the cause of my breakouts and allergies.
Its from the makeups I have lying around which were old and new.
I read up on how to keep track of my makeup shelf life.

Revlon ColorStay 24hr Foundation, The Body Shop Volume Mascara,
e.l.f Makeup Pallette, Chanel Lip Pencil, e.l.f 2 in 1 Highlighter & Concealer,
Maybelline Gel Liner, Inglot Pencil & Crayon Liners, 
Benefite Bad Girl Crayon Liner and e.l.f Lip Exfoliator.

As you can see here, I selected a few items above which I always use.
I have labelled each individual products with a small orange sticker and scotch tape.

I always list down the month and year of the product I bought and stick the label 
on that particular product.

Eyeshadow : If experience is any indicator, powder eyeshadow will probably outlast the brushes and sponges it comes with. That being said, it’s a good idea to toss it out after a couple of years.
 Cream eyeshadow definitely needs to be thrown out after a year and a half, max.

Eyeliners : There’s a big difference in the shelf life of eyeliners when it comes to liquid versus pencil or push-up. While pencil and push-up eyeliners can be safely kept around for two years, liquid eyeliner should be tossed out after six months, max.

Foundation : Oil-free foundations are usually the first to go. If you’ve had yours for a year now, think about tossing it because as time goes by, it becomes less effective. Any foundation you have that smells funny, is starting to separate or dry out, should be tossed immediately. Cream or compact foundations will last a little longer – up to a year and a half. To cut down on the risk of bacterial infections, 
be sure to wash all foundation sponges once a week.

Concealer : Stick concealers can be kept anywhere from a year to a year and a half. 
 As with foundation, if your liquid concealer begins to smell funny, separate, 
or become lumpy then toss it out and pick up a new one.

Mascara : The shelf life of mascara is very short, only three to six months.
 You definitely want to keep an eye on your mascara because of all makeup, it’s one of the easiest to pass on a bacterial infection with. If you ever contract pink eye, throw out all eye products used on that eye, 
and don’t use new ones until the infection has cleared up.

Lipstick : I’ve separated lipstick from lip-gloss because the two, while both lip products, 
are made quite differently. Lipstick has a long shelf life, up to four years. Sometimes small bubbles of moisture will appear on the surface, but don’t let that put you off.  Lipstick still good as long as it doesn’t smell rancid or isn’t dried out.

Lip-gloss : On the other hand, lip-gloss doesn’t last quite as long – two years at most.
 This is due to being formulated differently. If you notice your lip-gloss becoming lumpy or separating, 
then it’s a good idea to toss it and buy another.

Always remember to clean your makeup bag at least once a month!
Clean your brushes/sponges/tools at least once a week and if possible, keep everything sanitized.
I will be back with a post on how to clean your brushes and keeping them free from bacteria!

I got these info from Women On Life website. Really helpful!
You can read more from Women On Life for more interesting stuff!
I love reading their pages! Loads of good infos.


  1. that revlon 24 hours oil free foundation nice kah? really got matte feeling? becos my face combination oil skin ba. thinking wanna try that long time liao de.

  2. Hi Bev. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely guilty of having more makeup than I can possibly wear. Huhu.. Been trying to use up my cream and liquid products as much as I can so that even if it goes bad, at least I've used up most of it. Less guilty that way. Huhu..

  3. Wow you even put on stickers!! So well organised! Next time I must learn your method hehe~~ By the way the colour of the ELF lipstick looks so creepy! What colour is that?

  4. Good idea. I should label my make up stuff too.


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