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Reel Rock 8, Jabatan Kesenian Dan Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah (JKKNS), Kota Kinabalu

A couple of weeks back, Reel Rock 8 tour was screened at  KKIFF (Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival) which was at JKKNS.

Loads of activities during the event day itself and it was so much fun!
Mostly were climbing related games.

Finger/Campus board contest

Limbo Rock


Oh and there was also a blood donation booth too!
Finally got a chance to donate some blood with my team of ushers.

The best part of this event was I finally got a chance to meet the world champion,
master, teacher and not forgetting the legendary climber himself, Yuji Hirayama!

He came to KK back in 2012 and he came to visit SICC while I was away
in Taiwan for a family trip. Was quite bummed out that I didn't get to meet him back then
but now my life is complete! Got my second autograph by the Sensei again along with a whole bunch of photos for memories! He is so down to earth!

Every climber's dream to meet the Master!

Yuji Hirayama signing some poster during the press conference.

We brought h…

Adidas 'Climacool' by Adidas®

I just realised something. Almost every year I would wear an Adidas top for all my marathon runs. If you notice, not just any Adidas top but it has to be the Adidas Climacool. Really glad Adidas came up with their new Climacool Technology years back!
BEST CREATION EVER! (Sorry to say but I love the Climacool more than the Climalite and Climachill)
ClimaCool is 100% polyester fibre. It is softer than cotton and resists pilling better than other natural and synthetic fibers. The shape and placement of ClimaCool fibers help move moisture quickly to the outer surface, where it evaporates away from the body. It is proven to reduce skin temperature and heart rate during exercise and provides UV protection.
Borneo International Marathon (BIM 2012)
Top & shorts - Adidas Climacool Shoes - Reebok

My final year for the 10km run.  Did so well for my last 10km run and FYI..I had this Adidas Climacool top and shorts for 3 years now up till today. Kept it really well and I really love it!
Borneo Int…

Beauty Tips : Exploring Makeups and Smokey Eyes

What's up y'all? Ever had a problem where you only have that one tone of colour in your collection but don't know what to do with the rest? Well, TIME TO EXPLORE!
Before that, its always important to know what to do before applying on anything on your face. You do want your face to look flawless and your eye shadows to pop right? Well, below are things that I will be using for today's makeup day.
Benefit The POREfessional, Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Primer, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation, Dermedex DD Cream Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Powder (Honey) Jelly Pong Pong Nude & Improved Concealer (Au Naturel) E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book PaletteInglot Soft Pencil Liner, Maybelline Volum Mascara VOV BlusherBeauty Blender and Real Techniques Brushes.
Before you start, always make sure your hair is out of the way especially the face!
You don't want foundation or powder getting stuck in your hair right or hair getting stuck on your
perfectly winged liners ri…