Adidas 'Climacool' by Adidas®

I just realised something.
Almost every year I would wear an Adidas top for all my marathon runs.
If you notice, not just any Adidas top but it has to be the Adidas Climacool.
Really glad Adidas came up with their new Climacool Technology years back!

(Sorry to say but I love the Climacool more than the Climalite and Climachill)

ClimaCool is 100% polyester fibre. It is softer than cotton and resists pilling better than other natural and synthetic fibers. The shape and placement of ClimaCool fibers help move moisture quickly to the outer surface, where it evaporates away from the body. It is proven to reduce skin temperature and heart rate during exercise and provides UV protection.

Borneo International Marathon (BIM 2012)

Top & shorts - Adidas Climacool
Shoes - Reebok

My final year for the 10km run. 
Did so well for my last 10km run and FYI..I had this Adidas Climacool top and shorts
for 3 years now up till today. Kept it really well and I really love it!

Borneo International Marathon (BIM 2013)
Top - Adidas Climacool 
2-in-1 Running shorts with Tights - Can't remember the brand
Shoes - New Balance 1190 

Got this really lovely salmon pink Adidas Climacool top from KL when it was on sales.
Had this top for almost 3 years too but its wearing out soon. 
One of my favourite top for climbing and running. Really thin and cooling!

Borneo International Marathon (BIM 2014)
Top - Supernova Adidas Climacool
2-in-1 Running skirt with Tights (Skort) - Hobbies-Sports /Skirt Sports
Shoes - Brooks Aurora

I just got this top 3 days before the big run! I told myself I needed some motivation to run 
so I went over to Sport Mart to get a new Adidas Climacool top and I saw this really pretty 
turquoise top and I love the name of the model. Its called Supernova! I really stood out of the crowd with this top cause' I have not seen anyone with a turquoise shirt during the run.

Oh another good thing about this new top I bought is that it has reflectors on the shirt which
is a big YES to all runners. Reflectors are really good if your running/cycling at night.
At least, when there are cars or motorbikes coming your way, they will see you so they can avoid you.
Big plus for the Supernova!

Below are photos of me on my climbing trips with my two favourite Adidas tops!

Kuching Trip (2012)
Top - Adidas Climacool
Climbing Pants - Mountain Hardwear
Climbing Shoes - La Sportiva Katana Laces

KL Climbing trip (2012)
Top - Adidas Climacool
Climbing Pants - Mountain Hardwear
Climbing Shoes - La Sportiva Katana Laces

Bouldering and Hiking trip (2013)
Top - Adidas Climacool

Rock On 3 (2012)
Top - Adidas Climacool
Climbing Pants - The North Face
Climbing Shoes - La Sportiva Katana Laces

I can't wait to buy more tops and also new pants!
Trust me, nothing is more comfortable than the Adidas Climacool.
I have yet to try out the capris but I am so looking forward to get some in the future
as well as new sport bras from Adidas!