Beauty Tips : Exploring Makeups and Smokey Eyes

What's up y'all?
Ever had a problem where you only have that one tone of colour in your collection
but don't know what to do with the rest? Well, TIME TO EXPLORE!

Before that, its always important to know what to do before applying on anything on your face.
You do want your face to look flawless and your eye shadows to pop right?
Well, below are things that I will be using for today's makeup day.

Before you start, always make sure your hair is out of the way especially the face!
You don't want foundation or powder getting stuck in your hair right or hair getting stuck on your
perfectly winged liners right? So keep your hair in a bun or a pony tail and keep those fringes aside.

(Sorry no photos for this procedure)
I always start off with my moisturiser so my face wont be dry followed by my Benefit The POREfessional
to help cover up my pores. Its a really light weighted pore filler so don't worry bout it being too cakey.

Then, I apply my Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Primer to my T-Zone area and other
areas of the face that needs oil control. An oil control primer is really important for those who has really
oily skin or combination skin like me. It helps to absorb the oil and helps to keep your
makeup on a lot longer.

Next, I apply my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation with my fingers first.
I hardly use a brush as it gives a full coverage which I'm not planning to do but instead
I use a Beauty Blender to give it a more natural airbrush look for my face.
Always dampen the Beauty Blender before using it as it helps to lock on the makeup longer.

I use my Dermedex DD Cream as a concealer to help conceal my pimples and scars
as well as too lighten the redness around my pimples.

After all that, I use my Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Powder (Honey) to set my foundation
using my blush brush from Real Techniques.

Then moving on to eyes!

I always apply my Jelly Pong Pong Nude & Improved Concealer (Au Naturel)
 before applying anything on my eyelids. An eye base/eye primer helps to set and lock your eyeshadows and liners from creasing. I smudge the eye base using my fingers but you can use a concealer
brush too if you want to.

Then I start off with my E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book Palette eyeshadow palette.
I apply a beige eyeshadow as a base all over my eye lids using my base shadow brush from Real Techniques. The base eyeshadow helps to brighten up the other eyeshadow colours later on.

Oh but before that, always have a brush cleaner with you so you can clean your brushes in between
so you don't mix up your eyeshadows with the same brush unless you have other clean brushes to
do the work. I am currently using the E.L.F Daily Brush Cleaner to clean my brushes.

I decided to try a smokey eye look using a very warm neutral colour.
It goes very well with my skin tone and it doesn't make me look like a clown!
(And yes I have bad skin if you noticed)

Brown is my all time favourite colour when it comes to makeup!
You can never go wrong with brown and black. Brown for me is the safest colour and the most
easiest colour to match every occasion. Doesn't matter if its a day out or a dinner, it suites everything!
Also it matches my brown eyes!

Don't forget to line your eyes!
I used Inglot Soft Pencil Liner (Black) to line my eyes.
I don't know why but I have to line my eyes everytime I finish applying my eyeshadows.

After all that, I applied my all time favourite Maybelline Volum Mascara (Brown).
Forgotten to bring my eye lash curler so yeah its not obvious that I applied mascara on. 
Maybelline has one of the best mascara! Waterproof, quick dry and budget friendly too!
Sometimes I apply mascara for climbing or crossfit and it doesn't smudge at all!
I rubbed my eyes and it doesn't smudge too! How cool is that!

Moving on..
On my left eye, I decided to try out using the darker shades of blue.
I have never EVER applied a thick eyeshadow look before so I decided to give it a go.

Same method like above, prime the eyelids before applying anything.
Then, apply a base eyeshadow and now I apply the midnight blue shadow with a little touch
of turquoise and I smudged it out to make the midnight blue pop!

I applied a bit of the turquoise on the inner corner of my eyelids so it has that ombr√© effect!
I used a name card to line the outer corner of my eyes to give it a sharper look!
(Yeah I know I look like a parrot!)

Finishing look with the Midnight Blue Smokey Eye look on my left eye!

Right Eye : Neutral Shade Smokey Eye look
Left Eye : Midnight Blue Smokey Eye look

I applied my VOV Blusher  to see how it looked!
Right side of the face has very light makeup on and the left has a slightly heavier application for everything.
Which is your favourite look?

After all that makeup, ALWAYS REMEMBER to remove your makeup with a makeup remover.
I am using the Bior√© Makeup Remover Wipes to remove everything.

Its really important to remove everything and don't forget to wash your face
with a facial cleanser as well. You don't want any clogged pores on your skin.
It can cause breakouts and blackheads so make sure to keep your skin clean and fresh!