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DIY : Yoga Mat Cleaner

Ever wondered how dirty your yoga/pilates/fitness mat gets after a workout?
Trust me, its gross! Imagine sweating on it and re-using it again and again.
So I did some research and reading and I found the best solution to clean my mats.

Here's what you need : 
Water (Filtered or Mineral) White Vinegar Spray Bottle (Any size) Tea Tree Oil (Any anti-bacterial oil)

1. Fill the bottle with water, vinegar and 10 - 30 drops of Tea Tree Oil. 2. Mix and shake well. 3. Spray it on your mat and wipe clean!

I place it on the staircase rail so its easier to clean and dry.
Remember to clean both sides of the mat!

Its just that simple!
I got my spray bottle from Daiso for Rm5.30.

DIY : Mini Palette Coasters

Today, I have something cute to share with you guys. I personally am obsessed with wood palettes or just anything wooden. I came across this random DIY video in youtube and I decided to give it a go. Its something very useful too.
Here's what you need to get started :
Cutting Board / Pad Popsicle Sticks  E6000 Glue X-Acto Knife Pencil Silver Marker Ruler
If you don't have the E6000 glue, hot glue gun is fine too! 
First, you will need 12 popsicle sticks to make 1 mini palette.  Draw a line at both of the ends close to the rounded edge.  That would be the part you will be cutting off to get that palette effect.
It will look like this.
Then, cut off the ends with an X-Acto knife or a pair of scissors. Scissors would be the best.
It should look like this!
Its okay if the edges are a little pointy and uneven.  You can trim it nicely with a pair of scissors if you want it to look neat.
Then, put on some glue at both ends and also the center of the popsicle stick. Hot glue and the E6000 d…