DIY : Yoga Mat Cleaner

Ever wondered how dirty your yoga/pilates/fitness mat gets after a workout?
Trust me, its gross! Imagine sweating on it and re-using it again and again.
So I did some research and reading and I found the best solution to clean my mats.

Here's what you need : 

Water (Filtered or Mineral)
White Vinegar
Spray Bottle (Any size)
Tea Tree Oil (Any anti-bacterial oil)

1. Fill the bottle with water, vinegar and 10 - 30 drops of Tea Tree Oil.
2. Mix and shake well.
3. Spray it on your mat and wipe clean!

I place it on the staircase rail so its easier to clean and dry.
Remember to clean both sides of the mat!

Its just that simple!
I got my spray bottle from Daiso for Rm5.30.